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How about Gardening

How about Gardening


Eighteen months ago I volunteered to keep a couple of the garden borders tidy. The best thing about doing this work is I can come and go as I please and do as little or as much as I like.


Another bonus is once I get involved with the task in hand it is to the exclusion of all else, this I find is a great ingredient for peace of mind. Now and then I come across empty whisky bottles and beer cans; this then brings me back to reality by wondering about the plight of the people who threw them there. I confess to liking a drop of whisky (now and again), but thank God I can drink it in comfort. Sad to say, like the weeds, the bottles keep coming back.


Zen Buddhism promotes if ‘troubled go dig a garden’. I certainly can pay tribute to this philosophy. For me working with the soil has been a great healer, plus the fact it keeps me physically fit and well spiritually. If you fancy lending a hand in the garden, one way or another, do get in touch. We always need extra hands to look after the lawns and the flower beds. If you can spare a little time – just now and again – do get in touch with the presbytery.


Lily O’ Connell