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(6) John
Wed 23 December 2009 14:13: +0000

Please would you pray for a lady called Dorothy that I know. She is in constant pain from Osteporosis and has recently been admitted into a care home. Her situation has become so severe that she has even told me that she has considered assisted suicide. She is such a lovely person and is only thinking about her children and grandchildren. She needs our prayers and God's help and I pray that she does not feel driven to take her own life but allows God's will to prevail. Please Lord help her in her twighlight years to cope with the pains that she suffers and surround her in your love and peace. Thank you.

(5) Jane
Mon 14 December 2009 22:34: +0000

Please join me in a prayer of thanksgiving for the safe arrival of our nephew this morning. Deo gratias!

Thank you.

(4) John
Mon 14 December 2009 11:53: +0000

Please join me in thanking God for the recovery from Brain Cancer of a friend of mine. He and his family have suffered greatly this year and the recent news that the cancer has gone is wonderful. God thank you for your love. I pray that our medical professionals (Doctors, Nurses and Support Workers) will continue to learn under your wisdom and grace and recognise the sacred aspect of our humanity.

(3) Jenny
Sun 13 December 2009 15:39: +0000

Please would you pray for my son's partner who is expecting twins in January but she has been quite unwell recently and things may need to speed up if she doesn't improve. God please bless her and her tiny baby's and keep them all well. Thanks.

(2) John
Sun 13 December 2009 15:32: +0000

Please would you pray for a friend who is still hurting badly since losing her mother earlier this year. She cared for her for a number of years and the hole left by her passing is still very large. She certainly needs God's healing love and your prayers would be greatly appreciated.

Please also pray of course for her mother's soul.

Thank you.

(1) Jane
Fri 11 December 2009 16:59: +0000

Please pray for my friend's sister - struggling with her unexpected pregnancy, on the other side of the world and missing the support of friends and family.

Please also pray for my sister-in-law, now a week overdue with her second child.


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