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Our Parish Priest from 7th February 2006 to 30th August 2015

First Holy Communion Saturday 16th May 2015

Parish presents Fr.Chris with cake to celebrate 20 years ministry

First Holy Communion at St.Bernadette on Sunday 27th May.

An Italian Feast of Epiphany - The Italian Consular Agency. Mass followed by a presentation, and informing you of the services that the Consular Agency offers.

First Holy Communion at St.Bernadette on 25th June 2011

Italian Mass Celebrated by Fr Gerardo Fabrizio at St.Bernadette Whitchurch on 28th June 2011

Confirmation with Bishop Declan Lang - Bishop of Clifton at St.Bernadette Whitchurch on 27th January 2011

Saturday 5th June 2010

Polish Blessing of Easter Foods