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‘Tis the Mary month of May!

‘Tis the Mary month of May!

A renewed effort to strengthen our relationship with Mary is a hallmark of the month of May. A return to the Rosary is an excellent means of doing this, as it is all there, laid out for us. In many ways, it couldn’t be easier.

However, if one is not in the habit of praying the Rosary, or if one does not have 20 consecutive minutes to devote to this beautiful prayer, then it can seem daunting or even impossible, to begin.

So I have an idea. It’s not my idea, but from Fr John Edwards, SJ (whom I’ve quoted before, not least of all here, here and here). He suggests that we simply try to pray a good decade of the Rosary, if the whole thing is unfeasible for whatever reason. If we start today, there are just enough days in May for a decade a day, finishing conveniently on the 31st – the feast of the Visitation.

If you’re looking for a little background on the Rosary, there’s always Blessed John Paul II’s apostolic letter Rosarium Virginis Mariae, in which he introduced the Mysteries of Light.  If you’re fairly au fait with the Rosary but need a little reminder of what all the mysteries are, there is a simple page here to help you (you need to click on the beads to access the scriptural and CCC quotation).

A set of Rosary beads is handy, of course, but if you don’t have a set to hand, then use your fingers.  Why, after all, do you think you have ten?!

Remember; if we only make a good start, the prayers of Our Mother will help our feeble efforts bear fruit.

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