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Jesus falls a third time

Jesus falls a third time

Ninth Station

Towards journey’s end, Jesus begins to climb the hill where he is to be ‘enthroned.’ Lifting his eyes to face his goal, he stumbles and with the weight of the cross bearing down upon him, he fails to steady his step and he falls again. Those around him lack compassion now, for he no longer radiates the beauty they had glimpsed before. Tiredness and fatigue have overtaken him. Despite the look of love from his Mother, the support of Simon, the gentleness of Veronica and the tenderness of the women, brokenness of body begins to make its final claim upon him. He is near the end – his end – and he falls.


Maybe this fall will bring that final breath. A weight too heavy to bear weighs down upon his back almost making it the more difficult to breathe so as to get up and go on. Each and every step is so necessary, yet each and every step adds to the burden of pain. Roughly, without any feeling or compassion, a hand grabs at his arm, pulls him up and pushes him further up the hill.


Lord, your mercy and your compassion lift me up when I fall. Your gentle hand of kindness and forgiveness brushes off the dust of my sin and failing. May I rejoice in the mercy you show and seek to be renewed in my love of you.


I love Thee, Jesus; my love above all things;
I repent with my whole heart of having offended Thee.
Never permit me to separate myself from Thee again.
Grant that I may love Thee always,
and then do with me what Thou wilt.

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