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The Stations of the Cross

The Stations of the Cross

Beginning on Friday 8 April, we reflect upon the Stations of the Cross. Each day we will jounrey through the fourteen stations, leadings us – as we reflect upon the last of the stations – to our celebration of the Lord’s Passion on Good Friday.

A Station each day will allow Jesus’ jounrey to the cross and the tomb to be part of our Lenten prayer. His journey to the cross is an invitation for us to follow him, not just through the good times, but through those times when we must face the cross in our own lives. The reflections are short and allow us to enter into the mystery of each of the Lord’s steps to Golgotha.

The simple relfections and prayers have been written by Fr Christopher and Jane Critten. The images are photgraphs by Fr Robert King and are images of fourteen stations that used to hand in our Church. They came, apparently, from the Church of St Thomas More in Cheltenham and were given to Mgr William Mitchell, parish priest here fropm 1975 – 1978. They are simple in their composition; green slate with the features of the station carved out. The cross is simple ply. Their simplicity tells the story.

We hope you will make this journey of Jesus your own, and one that takes you into deeper communion with the Christ who died for love of us.

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