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Fourth Sunday of the Year

Fourth Sunday of the Year

30 January 2011 – Fourth Sunday of the Year

THIS SUNDAY: Last week we heard Saint Matthew describing the beginnings of Jesus’ public ministry. This week Saint Matthew begins the most important summary of the proclamation of the kingdom of God – what we refer to as the “Sermon on the Mount.” This great collection of Jesus’ teachings begins with the Beatitudes – the Charter of the Kingdom. It is essential to understand these, if we are to understand what we will read in Saint Matthew during the rest of this year: the key, as underlined by the First Reading, is that the values of this world are not the values of the Kingdom of God – the Kingdom will see things turned upside down: happiness and blessing belong to those whom this world would ignore or mistreat. If we truly wish to live out the Gospel, we would do well to reflect on the virtues laid out in this familiar passage.

to Lisa Armstrong, Abigail Armstrong, Rebecca Barr, Kieran Belcher, Curtis Chan, Joe Collins, Georgina Daly, Millie Dyer, Callum Fry, Siobhan Goff, Storm Hanks, Connor Humphries, Niall Jenkins, Dan Knight, Lucy Lipinski, Meenu Cyril, Alice Miller, Tasha Mwampamba, Kieran Nunnerley, Hannah O’Farrell, Stephanie Redhall, Jack Richards, Millie Talbot, and Elliot Wise who were confirmed by Bishop Declan this last Thursday evening. We continue to remember them in our prayers and pray that the good Lord will guide them along a path that leads to him.

The Bishop is inviting our parish community, and especially our married couples, to join him in the cathedral for a diocesan celebration of marriage on Saturday 19 February at 12noon. We need as many from our parish to go along to join our bishop on this occasion. This is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the gift of marriage to our church and our society. It is a chance to come together, whatever state of life we find ourselves living, and join our diocesan community in celebrating the tremendous reflection of God’s love that is the gift of marriage. The bishop encourages those of you who are engaged and maybe marrying this year to come along and join him too. If any of you are celebrating 25, 30, 35, 40, 50, or 60 years of marriage, please let FrC know asap as the bishop would personally like to invite you along to this important celebration.

THE CRIB: After this coming Tuesday (the Feast of the Presentation), our crib will be dismantled as we come to the fortieth day after Christmas. Your crib offerings, our gift to the Missionaries of Charity, in support of the work of the Sisters in Lusaka and the orphans and children they care for, will be sent off to the Nuncio in Zambia after this week. If you want to contribute to the Sisters, then this weekend is your chance to do that. Thank you for the kindness you have shown over the last forty days.

: Bishop Declan visits St Bernadette’s this coming Tuesday – 1 February – to meet with parish representatives and enter into conversation with them about how they are working together with parishes around. As we are hosting this gathering of parish communities, it would be great if our own parish could be well represented. The members of the Parish Forum group are encouraged to come along, especially, but the evening is open to all those who wish to come along and take part in the conversation about how our diocese will be journeying over the next couple of years…and it is important that we do take part in this conversation. As you know, the Bishop’s recent document encourages us to work closer together with our neighbouring parishes, and we have been working with St Gerard’s and Christ the King over the last couple of months. The Bishop is with us to listen to how we are implementing the guidelines in our own area and maybe listen to our concerns and our anxieties. The evening is also a chance for us to listen to the experience of other parishes working together and maybe for us to pick up some ‘tools’ for how we grow and develop as a community of faith and mission. Please make a note of the date in your diaries and come along. The evening begins at 7.00pm with refreshments from 6.30pm.

FIRST COMMUNION PREPARATION: We pray for Rahul Vinoy, Oliver Towe, James Dean Fry, Chloe Jefferies, Fred Durow, Sophie Payne, George Cock, Rosie Pattison, Jessica Critten, Kara Richards, Rory Jones, Millie Gould, Eva Albert, Rory O’Driscoll, Sophie Lowson, Harry McGovern, Aldrich Virata, Isobella Khan, and Liam Monks as they began their preparation for First Communion last Wednesday. They meet this coming Wednesday in the Primary School at 3.45pm.

ROOTED IN CHRIST: This simple, reflective series looking at our faith continues after the Christmas break on Tuesday 8 February when Prof Gavin D’Costa will help us reflect upon Salvation and Redemption. The talks have attracted many over the last couple of months and they are a simple way to begin to deepen our understanding of what we believe. The talks take place in Holy Family, Patchway, and are well worth going along to. Full details on or on our Notice Board.

HELP TO CLEAN OUR CHURCH: Nina is always looking for willing hands to make up a team to look after our church and flick the hoover and duster around the place. We are down to two teams of cleaners, only. If you would like to help out once in a while, please do get in touch with Nina who will gladly pop you on the cleaners’ rota. The more there are to help out, the less your turn comes round. Contact Nina King on 01275 835766

WELCOMERS: If you could see yourself helping to welcome people as they arrive for Mass, then please get in touch with Linda Hodgson and let her make up another team of Welcomers. This is such an important ministry in the life of our parish – it’s not just about handing out newsletters and hymnbooks, but ensuring that we are a welcoming community of faith.

PARISH PILGRIMAGE: Maria Amesbury is looking to organise a pilgrimage to the south east part of Italy’s heel, with the prospect of visiting the historic region around Ruvo di Puglia and the shrine of San Giovanni Rotondo where Padre Pio lies in the Church. She’ll need to know if there is any interest pretty soon as we will need to secure flights from Bristol. Have a word with Maria this weekend and let her know.

YEAR SIX join us for Mass this coming Friday. They continue the new cycle of classes joining us for Mass each Friday. It is good to have them with us.

JUDY CONNORS RIP: Judy sadly died suddenly on Friday morning. Her funeral will be celebrated on Thursday 10 February at 10.00am and then her body taken to South Bristol for cremation. We keep Judy and her family in our prayers.

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