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So often we allow Advent to pass us by. we can be so absorbed into getting ready for Christmas that this wonderful season ofhope just slips through our fingers and before we know it the tree and decorations are up and we’ve made nothing of a beautiful season of prayer. There is much that we can do at home to mark the passing of Advent. Many of us have Advent Calendars that bring to mind the counting of days until we celebrate the feast of Christ’s birth. As the doors are opened each day, use it as an opportunity to pray that you and those around you will open wide the doors to Christ and let him make a home within you, and find a home in your home.


We can allow the Advent wreath to grace our homes as well as our Church. The lighting of the candles each day can be used as part of our meal times. It draws family together and allows us to place Christ at the heart of our family life. We seek to make him a welcomed guest and the light of the wreath reminds us of the power of his presence in our world and in our lives.The wreath is easy to make. The symbolism powerful is telling the story of Advent waiting and Advent longing. The link at the bottom of this post will draw you towards some simple Table prayers for Advent which you can use around the wreath, too.


The Jesse Tree is something that can equally help us along our Advent journey. The Tree enables us to reflect upon a people who are waiting for the coming Lord but they also show us the family tree of Jesus. The Jesse Tree reminds us of the great and the good… and the not so good, too. But as we recall these biblical characters we reflect upon the fact that Christ was born into a family just like ours and that Christ seeks to break into our existence in all its brokenness and fragility, too.


There are some wonderful, simple resources suitable for marking Advent at home. The following link may give you some ideas and enable you to make your home a holy place this Advent.

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