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The little things

The little things


Fidelity in the little things is something we’re very familiar with in Jesus’ teaching (see for example Luke 16:10, 19:10 or 19:17) and presumably he mentioned it so often because we forget it so often.  The Saints of God, however, pay attention to the little things and also urge others to do the same.

‘Do everything for love,’ writes Josemaria Escriva.

‘In that way there will be no little things:

everything will be big.

Perseverance in the little things for love is heroism.’ 1

Sanctity, St Therese of Lisieux reminds us, lies in doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.

The problem is that we get fed up of doing little things well and – like a beginner pianist – want to get on and tackle ‘more exciting’ bigger things.  Escriva has a word for us then as well:

‘You tell me: when the chance comes to do something great, then… !  Then?  Are you seriously trying to convince me – and to convince yourself  – that you will be able to win in the supernatural olympics without daily preparation, without training?’ 2

The next time I don’t feel like cheerfully carrying out the ‘little’ duties of each moment, I’m going to think to myself,  ‘smile, girl: this is training for the supernatural olympics!’  … and there’s plenty of room in the squad for everyone… 3


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3 cf John 14:2

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