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Thirty Third Sunday of the Year

Thirty Third Sunday of the Year

Thirty Third Sunday of the Year – 14 November – Remembrance Sunday

THIS SUNDAY: As we approach the end of that part of Saint Luke’s Gospel before the Passion narratives, and approach the end of the Church’s year, our thoughts are turned towards the end of time and the Second Coming of the Lord – this will led us into Advent in two weeks time. Saint Luke’s message is very distinctive: the Lord will come, but there is a lot to be lived through first. The coming of the Lord is not going to be a “quick fix” – we will have to live through (and endure) all the mess of human joy and suffering. The Lord is clear too that we have to be aware of the personal cost of belonging to him – think back to last week’s readings, and the stories of religious persecution from every place and every age, even to this day. Even as this sounds gloomy and depressing, it is worth noting where the Gospel passage starts – in the material beauty of the Temple – and where it ends – something far more precious will be saved: our lives.

EXTRA ORDINARY MINISTERS OF HOLY COMMUNION: All our ministers of Holy Communion will be commissioned over this weekend. This will see some of our parish family commissioned for the first time to serve us in this special way. This gives us an opportunity to appreciate the generous service that is shown to us through their ministry.  We keep them in our prayers in a special way.

COMMUNION UNDER BOTH KINDS: Our Saturday evening Mass is the only one where communion is not offered from the chalice. From the First Sunday of Advent (27 November) and following the commissioning of ministers of Holy Communion, there will be the opportunity to receive communion from the chalice. To enable this to happen is as respectful and orderly a way possible, we will need to approach the altar from the central part of the church and not from the sides. This will enable the two ministers holding the chalices to stand at the end of the rails and those who want to receive communion from the chalice to present themselves from those side aisles. It should enable a steady flow to and from communion and facilitate an easy reception of communion from the chalice. Please just be aware of these slight adjustments over the next couple of weeks.

SOUNDS OF THE 70’s – PARISH SOCIAL – 27 NOVEMBER: Come and dance the night away to the music of “Erebus“, in a fun night with a fish and chip supper. Search your wardrobes, dig out and dust off those clothes and spend the evening reminiscing to the authentic sounds of the 70’s! Tickets will cost £10 and this will include entertainment through the night by a fantastic live band, as well as your fish and chip supper. Caroline Lovell has more details. Pop your name on this list or pick up a ticket whilst you are at Mass.

FIRST COMMUNION PREPARATION: The preparation programme for First Communion 2011 will begin late January. If you have a child in year 3 and feel that they are ready to take this next step in their pilgrimage of faith, then you might think about coming along to a parents’ meeting on Thursday 18 November in the Church at 7.00pm. Do make sure you have the date in your diary ready to come along.

SCHOOL YEAR GROUPS AT MASS: Friday morning Mass will see us joined from time to time by one of the class groups from our primary school. This is not just a prayerful opportunity for them but also a catechetical one, too. It gives them chance to experience the celebration of Mass and to grow in their appreciation and understanding of this treasure in our lives of faith. It would be great if there were folk ready to support them on these Fridays. All are welcome. This coming Friday, we welcome year 5 to Mass.

A CHANGE IN TRANSLATION: As many of you know, the translation of the missal is about to change… and we need to begin to get ready for this change. Although we use the new translation fully from Advent 2011, our preparation will enable us to really think about how we celebrate Mass. There are study days for the people of our parishes to prepare for the new translation across the diocese. The first is at the Cathedral on Saturday 20 November from 10.30am. It would be good if folk from St Bernadette’s we able to be part of the day.

DIARY OF GOD: The course continues this coming Wednesday in our hall after the 7.00pm Mass. Don’t forget to bring your copy of the scriptures with you.

200 CLUB GRAND DRAW WINNERS: £25: Fiona Cox; £50: Martin Harris; £100: Chris Mills; £200: Nick Osborne.

BISHOP DECLAN VISIT ST BERNADETTES: Bishop Declan is coming to celebrate Mass on Wednesday 24 November at 11.00am and he has invited the retired priests of our diocese to come and join him. It would be good if there were folk from the parish to come and join with our bishop making the retired priests welcome.

VESPERS FOR CHRIST THE KING: To bring the liturgical year to a close, we will celebrate sung evening prayer and benediction next Sunday, 21 November, at 4.00pm. This is a wonderful celebration of the church and it would be good if folk could come along.

YOUTH SUNDAY: The final Sunday of the Church’s year is our day of prayer for the young people of the Church. There is an appeal next Sunday being made on behalf of the diocesan youth service. Your gift goes to support the work with our young people across the diocese. It is our young people who benefit from your kindness.

APPEAR IN THE LIGHT: A special event for young people to meet and explore their faith and the season of Advent.
In each week of Advent there will be a series of short reflection evenings for young people in each county within our diocese. The evenings will be a chance to reflect on Advent as a season of preparation and our own faith journeys. The Advent reflections begin here at St Bernadette’s on Monday 29 November from 6.00pm until 9.00pm and all our young people, secondary school age and upwards, are warmly encouraged to come along.

CONFIRMATION PREPARATION: The fourth session of preparation takes place on Wednesday December 8 at 6.00pm in the Hall, and January 12. The Bishop will be with us on Thursday 27 January. Our young people have been sent away from this last session to think about choosing a sponsor and a name under which they choose to live as disciples of Christ. Let us keep them in our prayers as they journey towards the Sacrament of Confirmation.

ROOTED IN CHRIST: This fantastic opportunity to deepen our understanding of faith starts up again on Tuesday, 23 November, at Holy Family, Patchway. Gavin D’Costa will gently lead us into a reflection and deeper understanding of the Trinity. It’s free and it’s open to everyone. Do go along.

DIOCESAN DIRECTORIES & YEAR BOOKS: The new editions of the Liturgical year book (£5.99) and the diocesan directory (£5) are available from the narthex table. Do pick up your copy.

DEANERY NOVEMBER MASS FOR THE DECEASED: This Tuesday at the Cathedral, Mass at 7.00pm.

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