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Twenty Eighth Sunday of the Year

Twenty Eighth Sunday of the Year

10 october 2010 – Twenty Eighth Sunday of the Year (C)


THIS SUNDAY: There are many messages in today’s Gospel: the power of God to heal, the compassion of Jesus for those in need, the fact that a despised foreigner (the Samaritan) is the only one who recognises what has been done, the role of faith and the importance of thanking God for gifts received. But because this Gospel is twinned with part of the story of Naaman the leper, the idea that the Church brings out most clearly is that of thanksgiving, or acknowledging what has been given to us. From an early age we are taught to say “Thank You” – to recognise that someone has gone out of their way to give us something or do something for us. Our thanks strengthens the relationship that binds us together, and it is the same with God. As we recognise the good things that come from God, so our faith is deepened and the bond of the Covenant in Christ Jesus is strengthened.

CONFIRMATION PREPARATION: The third session of preparation takes place on Wednesday November 10 in the Hall at 6.00pm – then, December 8, and January 12. The Bishop will be with us on Thursday 27 January.

THE DIARY OF GOD: There’s still chance to come along to this fantastic series entitled The Diary of God which is taking place in our own parish hall each Wednesday after the 7.00pm Mass. John Huntriss will ably take us through the scriptures opening our minds to a deeper understanding of the Word of God in our lives of faith and our prayer. Come along to this third of eight sessions.

ROOTED IN CHRIST: The Diocesan Department for Adult Education and Evangelisation is hosting a course which begins 12th October (that’s this coming Tuesday) enabling us to deepen our understanding of faith. The course runs through until July of 2011 and flows gently through our creed and what it is we hold dear to as a Christian people. The course is aimed at those who simply want to know more and to grow in confidence in the faith they possess whilst having the opportunity to ask questions. The sessions are not deeply academic nor will they be overwhelmingly theological but they allow those who take part to re-familiarise themselves with what we believe and so root ourselves more firmly in Christ who calls us to follow him. The talks take place at Holy Family, Patchway, (7.30pm – 9.00pm) and the full details of the course as well as application forms are available from the narthex. You don’t have to attend each session – you can dip in and out as suits you. It’s well worth going along to so pick up a form and sign up! The Holy Father talked about our country and our people having a real thirst for faith and for the gospel… well, here’s a chance to have that thirst quenched a little. Cardinal Newman looked for a laity that had a sound grasp of their faith and were articulate to proclaim it. Here’s your chance! Come and see!

SCHOOLS OF PRAYER: There is a wonderful opportunity to explore ways of praying this October. Members of different religious communities will explore with us their Order’s particular spirituality – Benedictine, Cistercian, Franciscan and Dominican. Hosted by the Poor Clares at Woodchester Convent, the sessions start at 10.00am and finish at 12.00noon. Do go along if you can – it should be a reflective, prayerful couple of days. Have a look at the poster in the narthex. The second session explores the Cistercian/Bernardine way of praying.

CAFOD HARVEST FAST DAY: Thank you for your kindness. We sent off just over £450 to CAFOD as our harvest gift for them to share with some of the world’s hungry. You have shown your care and your concern yet again.

EXTRA ORDINARY MINISTERS OF HOLY COMMUNION: All our ministers of Holy Communion will be commissioned  over the weekend of 13th & 14th November. This will see some of our parish family commissioned for the first time to serve us in this special way, as well as re-commissioning those already familiar to us. We can so easily use this opportunity to appreciate the generous service that is shown to us through their ministry.

COMMUNION UNDER BOTH KINDS: Our Saturday evening Mass is the only one where communion is not offered from the chalice. From the First Sunday of Advent (27 November) and following the commissioning of ministers of Holy Communion, there will be the opportunity to receive communion from the chalice. To enable this to happen is as respectful and orderly a way possible, we will need to approach the altar from the central part of the church and not from the sides. This will enable the two ministers holding the chalices to stand at the end of the rails and those who want to receive communion from the chalice to present themselves from those side aisles. It should enable a steady flow to and from communion and facilitate an easy reception of communion from the chalice. Please just be aware of these slight adjustments over the next couple of weeks.

PARISH OUTREACH GROUP meets in David’s Road on Friday 15 October at 10.30am.

DEPARTMENT ADMINISTRATOR: The diocesan department of adult education and evangelisation is looking for an administrator to take up this position early in January 2011. Full details of this exciting post can be found of the diocesan website – – searching via the link of the left hand side of the home page. If you want more information, have a word with FrC.

CANTORS WANTED: It’s great to have the psalm sung each Sunday. If you can hold a note and a tune and would be willing to give it a go (with some practise, of course) have a word with Mervyn at the organ and he’ll fix you up.

CURRY AND QUIZ NIGHT: A fantastic and fun evening with an authentic curry and mind-teasing questions from our resident quizmaster to draw us together as the autumn looms in. Keep the evening free – Saturday 6th November. There will be a bar as well as a delicious supper and good company, too. Details of how to secure your place in our hall will be given out next weekend. Watch this space.

SOUNDS OF THE 70’s  – PARISH SOCIAL 27 NOVEMBER: Come and dance the night away to the music of “Erebus“, in a fun night with a fish and chip supper. Search your wardrobes, dig out and dust off those clothes and spend the evening reminiscing to the authentic sounds of the 70’s! Watch this space for more details. Tickets will cost £10 and this will include entertainment through the night by a fantastic live band as well as your fish and chip supper.

FIRST COMMUNION PREPARATION: The preparation programme for First Communion 2011 will begin late January. If you have a child in year 3 and feel that they are ready to take this next step in their pilgrimage of faith, then you might think about coming along to a parents’ meeting on Thursday 18 November in the Church at 7.00pm. This is an important get together for parents (and you will have a crucial role, this year, in your children’s preparation) and this meeting will be chance for you not only to register your child on the course, but also find out something of your child’s preparation across the six months. If you have questions at this stage, please get in touch with FrC. You might also like to pass the word around just in case someone misses out on the info.

ROTAS: We may be a little late in getting the rotas to you in readiness for this weekend (as the current one’s come to an end). Do have a look at the website during the week and the new rotas will be ready and printed for next weekend. Apologies.

NOVEMBER MASS LIST: The Mass list for the month of November can be found on the notice board in the narthex. If you would like a Mass celebrated for your deceased loved ones during the month of the Holy Souls, please use the list to allocate yourself a particular day. One mass intention per day is all that is allowed, so ensure that you chose a ‘free’ slot. It is always helpful if you also write down the name and the date you have requested and give it to FrC. If you want to include a Mass stipend, then that is at your discretion. Mass times during the week may be subject to change so watch the newsletter.

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