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Twenty Sixth Sunday of the Year

Twenty Sixth Sunday of the Year

26th September 2010 – Twenty-sixth Sunday of the Year (C)

THIS SUNDAY: Following on from last week (“You cannot be the slave of both God and money”) we see a practical illustration of what this means. The division between rich and poor was very striking at the time of Jesus: popular understanding, however, said that to be rich was a blessing from God. Jesus reminds people that riches carry their own responsibility – the duty to notice the poor man, especially when he lies at your own gate. In this parable, Jesus is subtly attacking the people’s lack of acceptance of the teaching of the prophets – “They have Moses and the prophets…”, but they obviously haven’t listened to them. The twist in the last line is powerful: “…they will not be convinced even if someone should rise from the dead.” Since our world still sees a division between rich and poor, how true those words have become!

CONFIRMATION PREPARATION: The second session of preparation takes place on Wednesday 6 October in the Hall at 6.00pm – then November 10, December 8, and January 12. The Bishop will be with us on Thursday 27 January.

THE DIARY OF GOD: John Huntriss is leading a course spread over eight weeks during this autumn on the scriptures taking us gently through the story of God and his love for his people, and enabling us to deepen our understanding of the Word of God. Full details and application forms for the course (which is taking place here at St Bernadette’s) can be found in the narthex. The eight week’s course beginning this coming Wednesday – 29 September and costs £24 (and you can pay per session if you would prefer). It is a most valuable course and well worthwhile signing up for… it’s still not too late. Do pick up one of the forms and if you want to know more, have a word with FrC. You can hand your form into FrC or send it onto the Adult Education Office. Poster on the notice board.  There’s still time to book in. Call Ronnie on 0117 902 5595 if you would like more details. A fantastic opportunity for our readers, especially.

ROOTED IN CHRIST: The Diocesan Department for Adult Education and Evangelisation is hosting a course which begins 12th October enabling us to deepen our understanding of faith. The course runs through until July of 2011 and flows gently through our creed and what it is we hold dear to as a Christian people. The course is aimed at those who simply want to know more and to grow in confidence in the faith they possess whilst having the opportunity to ask questions. The sessions are not deeply academic nor will they be overwhelmingly theological but they allow those who take part to re-familiarise themselves with what we believe and so root ourselves more firmly in Christ who calls us to follow him. The talks take place at Holy Family, Patchway, (7.30pm – 9.00pm) and the full details of the course as well as application form are available from the narthex. You don’t have to attend each session – you can dip in and out as suits you. It’s well worth going along to so pick up a form and sign up! The Holy Father talked about our country and our people having a real thirst for faith and for the gospel… well, here’s a chance to have that thirst quenched a little. Cardinal Newman looked for a laity that had a sound grasp of their faith and were articulate to proclaim it. Here’s your chance! Come and see!

There is a wonderful opportunity to explore ways of praying this October. On the four Saturdays (beginning 9th), a member of a different religious community will explore with us their Order’s particular spirituality – Benedictine, Cistercian, Franciscan and Dominican. Hosted by the Poor Clares at Woodchester Convent, the sessions start at 10.00am and finish at 12.00noon. Do go along if you can – it should be a reflective, prayerful couple of days. have a look at the poster in the narthex. The first session explores the Benedictine way of praying.

PARISH MAGAZINE: If you have promised Bernard, our editor, an article, please make sure you get it to him in the next week or so. The next edition will be produced at the beginning of October so make sure you get in touch with Bernard asap.

Our school community will join us for mass this Sunday 26 September at 10.30am as they settle into a new school year. The children and their families are being invited simply to seek God’s blessing upon their work and ask him to walk with them in their learning and their growing. It gives us a chance to celebrate and acknowledge the great work that is done within our Catholic schools and to reflect upon the Church’s role in education in our country. Do come along and join our school at this important occasion in their year.  This academic year has also been heralded as a Year for Education – a chance for our catholic community to celebrate the great work that is done in the field of education in our dioceses up and down the country. Let’s keep our schools, especially, in our prayers.

CAFOD HARVEST FAST DAY collection will be taken next Saturday and Sunday 3. The CAFOD envelopes will be given out as you leave this weekend in time for the collection. You always give so readily and generously to CAFOD. As we celebrate harvest time we reflect on those who do not enjoy some of the earth’s abundance and riches. This collection enables CAFOD and us to reach out to those who have no harvest and no fruitful abundance. We share from what we have.  As a diocese we contributed over £106,000 to the CAFOD Pakistan flood appeal. That’s tremendous generosity!

EXTRA ORDINARY MINISTERS OF HOLY COMMUNION: The soon-to-be-commissioned ministers along with our existing ministers came together early in September for a session of reflection and thought. Those to be commissioned are invited to join FrC on Tuesday 5 October at 7.00pm in the Church for a practical session before commissioning. Our existing ministers are invited along should they wish to do so.

meets on Thursday 7 October at 7.00pm in the presbytery. Keep an eye on the notice board for details of what the Forum Group is up to.

PARISH OUTREACH GROUP meets in David’s Road on Friday 15 October at 10.30am.

meets this coming Saturday, 2 October, at St Bede’s College, Lawrence Weston. This is a great gathering of parish groups from across the diocese meeting with our bishop looking at our diocesan vision. All are welcome. The day begins at 10.00am.

Our Bazaar takes place in two week’s time – Saturday 9 October – beginning at 12noon. Keep those donations coming in – they are much appreciated. There’s still much to be done. Those last minutes donations are really useful. Keep those bottles coming in as well as gifts for the Gift Stall. Those toys and bric-a-brac can be put to good use. We also need plants and cuttings as well as anything else you might think is useful for the bazaar. Those of you who can bake cakes and delicious treats might like to get something prepared for the day. They can be delivered on the Friday or Saturday early. Do think about what you can give and bring in your contributions in. PLEASE PASS THE WORD AROUND ABOUT THE BAZAAR AND ENCOURAGE FOLK TO COME ALONG. Draw Tickets are still available from the basket in the Narthex – the more you can take and sell the better. £2000 worth of tickets are to be sold. £1 per book – £5’s worth in an envelope. The draw tickets need to start coming back, please. Please pop money and counterfoils (placed in a sealed envelope) through presbytery door or in collection basket as it goes round. Please do your best – the draw money is profit for our parish funds so please help where you can. One of the most important things you can do is come along to the Bazaar. We need the support on the day. There will be something for everyone… and there will be plenty of refreshments, too.

: It’s great to have the psalm sung each Sunday. If you can hold a note and a tune and would be willing to give it a go (with some practise, of course) have a word with Mervyn at the organ and he’ll fix you up.

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