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An attitude of gratitude

An attitude of gratitude

Beautifully sunny days are always welcome, but at this time of year they are much more appreciated than they were six weeks ago.  Why?  Because the schools are back; the Autumn term has begun; the days are shortening noticeably and every summery day we have now is like an unexpected present arriving through the post.

Experiencing days like this through July and August doesn’t elicit the same joyful gratitude though, because we expect that kind of bounteous gift from our weather.  More likely, we grumble on the one day of rain and pass no comment (unless it’s too hot, of course) on the sunny days .

The secret of cultivating Autumn gratitude for every sunny day whether in August, September, November or February is to practise.  We can foster an ‘attitude of gratitude’ not only for every day but for everything, for everyone and for all that we are.

We thank God in prayer for everything, praising Him even in adversity, but do we acknowledge before others the gifts He has given us?

We are grateful too (or at least we should be) when we have the opportunity to be charitable and should not look for thanks.  If we can carry out those tasks with such perfect charity that the people whom we help genuinely feel that they owe us no thanks – and we genuinely look for none – then we can really say that that we’re well on the way to fostering an attitude of gratitude.

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