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Twenty Second Sunday of the Year

Twenty Second Sunday of the Year

29 August 2010 – Twenty Second Sunday of the Year (C)

THIS SUNDAY: Humble behaviour is the mark of the Christian, as it always was the mark of someone “in favour with the Lord.” In the Gospel, we see Jesus watching the Pharisees: it’s almost amusing to picture them shuffling for the best places, the polite “After you!” to put themselves in a better position. How would they have reacted to his teaching? They may well have remembered the passage we read from the Old Testament, and realised that Jesus was teaching the teachers something they should be well aware of.

Our Bazaar takes place, this year, on Saturday 9th October. Keep those donations coming in – they are much appreciated. If you want to lend a hand, then, Gordon needs empty jars and sugar for his jams and preserves; Dave & Dolly need anything in a bottle for their bottle stall; Kim and the Children’s Liturgy Group ask all our bakers and cake makers to think about the cake stall; Carmel, Delphine and FrC’s mum are looking for those unwanted gifts or new items you can give to the Gift Stall, Caroline and Sue are looking for your bric-a-brac; and Emma and Judy are looking for toys galore. We also need plants and cuttings as well as anything else you might think is useful for the bazaar. Do think about what you can give and start bring your contributions in. The box is already in the narthex for your gifts. Draw Tickets are still available from the basket in the Narthex – the more you can take and sell the better. £2000 worth of tickets are to be sold. £1 per book – £5’s worth in an envelope. Please pop money and counterfoils (placed in a sealed envelope) through presbytery door or in collection basket as it goes round. Please do your best – the draw money is profit for our parish funds so please help where you can.  Bazaar meeting on Thursday 9 September at 7.00pm in the narthex.

The first session of preparation takes place on Wednesday 8 September in the Hall at 6.00pm followed by October 6, November 10, December 8, and January 12. The Bishop will be with us on Thursday 27 January. Each of the sessions will begin at 6.00pm. If you did not receive the letter giving details, please get in touch with FrC asap.

PAPAL VISIT – SEPTEMBER 2010: There is still a little money to come in even though ‘the bill’ has been paid. If you are going to Hyde Park for the Prayer Vigil on 18 September, then please let FrC have your £5 (note the reduction). If you are going along to Cofton Park for the Mass of Beatification, please let FrC have your £30 towards your coach fare. If you have put your name down on the list, please note it has been sent in already so a place has already been allocated for you and security clearance given. Please ensure that your money is handed in an envelope with your details clearly written on the front and hand it in this weekend. Do look at the website set up for the papal visit: as well as Although our parish allocation has been taken up, there are some places on the coach leaving from here to Birmingham on the Sunday. If you want to make use of these places, please have a word with FrC this weekend. It would be great to have a full coach going from this part of town.

The Holy Father, as you know, is not visiting Wales on this trip and has invited the Welsh contingent to be present at the Mass in Westminster Cathedral. The statue of Our Lady of Cardigan is being taken to the Cathedral in London for the Papal Mass. As she leaves Wales, she crosses into our own diocese and Bishop Burns of Menevia has given permission for us to welcome her into our own cathedral the eve of the Pope’s arrival. The Prayer Vigil begins on Wednesday 15 September at 7.00pm with evening prayer and it would be good if as many of you as can take part in that evening were there also. There will be a rich celebration of the luminous mysteries of the rosary as well as a period of exposition before the Blessed Sacrament. It is a real opportunity for us to take part in the papal visit, uniting ourselves in prayer with the Holy Father the night before he arrives on this island. Please make a note in your diaries. Posters and details on the notice board. 7.00pm – Evening Prayer; 8.00pm – the Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary; 9.00pm – Eucharistic Adoration with Benediction at 9.45pm. Do pop in and out as you please.

Ahead of the Holy Father’s arrival, Mark Dowd – producer of the BBCs profile of the Holy Father which will be aired around the time of his visit – is coming to our diocese to lead an evening sharing with us how he has grown in his understanding of the Holy Father and his vision for our world. There will also be a fantastic display of images of the Holy Father. The evening is to be held at St John’s Parish hall, Bath, at 7.00pm on Friday 10 September. Details on the poster in the Narthex.

MAGNIFICAT: There are plenty of copies of the official liturgical booklet to accompany the Papal Visit which is only 19 days away. This fantastic publication is a wonderful souvenir but will also allow you to follow the Holy Father’s visit even if you sit watching on the TV. They also contain some wonderful reading by way of preparation for the Visit. You are free to take them and if you want to make a contribution/donation, you are welcome to do so. A suggestion of £2 per book has been given to us but it is left to your discretion.  Do have a look on the table  – there’s plenty to prepare you for this historic visit.

Help us send 10,000 messages to No.10 Downing St. by 10/10/10 demanding action on aid, business and climate change. Please sign the postcards on the display stand in the Narthex and post them through the letterbox of our own No.10 door. All the cards will be collected and sent off in September.

PAKISTAN FLOOD APPEAL: A huge thank you for your generosity in response to the second collection last weekend. Your kindness raised £1680 for CAFOD to help relieve the suffering in Pakistan. Thank you.

THE DIARY OF GOD: John Huntriss is leading a course spread over eight weeks during the autumn on the scriptures taking us gently through the story of God and his love for his people, and enabling us to deepen our understanding of the Word of God. Full details and application forms for the course (which is taking place here at St Bernadette’s) can be found in the narthex. The eight week’s course (beginning 29 September) costs £24. It is a most valuable course and well worthwhile signing up for. Do pick up one of the forms and if you want to know more, have a word with FrC. You can hand your form into FrC or send it onto the Adult Education Office. Poster on the notice board.

ROOTED IN CHRIST: The Diocesan Department for Adult Education and Evangelisation is hosting a course which begins 12th October enabling us to deepen our understanding of faith. The course runs through until July of 2011 and flows gently through our creed and what it is we hold dear to as a Christian people. The course is aimed at those who simply want to know more and to grow in confidence in the faith they possess whilst having the opportunity to ask questions. The sessions are not deeply academic nor overwhelmingly theological but they allow those who take part to re-familiarise themselves with what we believe and so root ourselves more firmly in Christ who calls us to follow him. The talks take place at Holy Family, Patchway, (7.30pm – 9.00pm) and the full details of the course as well as application form are available from the narthex. You don’t have to attend each session – you can dip in and out as suits you. It’s well worth going along to so pick up a form and sign up!

EXTRAORDINARY MINISTERS OF HOLY COMMUNION meet with FrC on this Thursday Sept 2 at 7.00pm in the Church.

SUNDAY TEAS AND COFFEES start up again after Mass next Sunday. Do go into the hall after Mass – a great opportunity to say ‘hello’ to folk you may only see on Sunday.

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