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Come and see: the impact

Come and see: the impact

Reflecting last week on John 1:35-39, I suggested it was Andrew – rather than the other, unnamed disciple –  who asked a question that initially seems a little silly:  ‘Rabbi, where do you live?‘.

I like to think that the unnamed disciple is John and that this passage (a recount, not beautiful poetry) is John giving the account of the day he first met the Lord.

It’s possible, then, that it was John who asked the question… but then, when does John ever open his mouth before thinking?  And conversely, how often does a son of Jonah wait until he has thought things through before he speaks?  Andrew, like his brother Peter, has that charming impetuosity wherein the mouth and heart are linked more closely than in most… and Christians everywhere are grateful to them for that.

Early in the morning after he had met the Lord, Andrew rushed off to his brother with the greatest news, ‘We have found the Messiah‘… and he took Simon to Jesus.  Later on, it was Andrew who introduced the boy with the five barley loaves and two fishes to Jesus.  Andrew had such a reputation for introducing people to Jesus that when a group of Greeks asked Philip if they could meet the Lord during that last week in Jerusalem (Jn 12:22), Philip brought them to Andrew and then together they sought Jesus.  Tradition teaches that after Pentecost, Andrew continued his life’s work of introducing people to Christ in places such as Cappadocia, Galatia, Bithynia and later in Byzantium.  His initial enthusiasm for sharing his knowledge of the Messiah seems never to have diminished.  Not only, then, did Andrew respond to Jesus’ personal invitation, but he took it upon himself to bring others to ‘come and see’ what he had found.

Today, we are the ones who need to invite others to ‘come and see’.  Where there is an openness – like Jesus saw in John and Andrew – we can gently introduce others to the Lord through what we say and do.  We pray that the grace of God will guide those hearts to continue asking of themselves, ‘what are you looking for?’ and our hearts to continue to respond, ‘come and see’.

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