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Our Lady of the Taper

Our Lady of the Taper

On the eve of the historic visit of our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, the statue of Our Lady of the Taper from the Welsh National Shrine in Cardigan, is being brought into our Cathedral here in Clifton on Wednesday 15 September.

The statue is being transported to the London so that the Holy Father is able to be in touch with the people of Wales whilst he is visiting the United Kingdom. Why is the statue coming to Clifton? As the statue leaves Menevia and Wales, she crosses the bridge into the diocese of Clifton. It seemed most fitting that we should welcome the statue on its historic journey to London to be present at  the Holy Father’s Mass in Westminster Cathedral.

The last time a statue of Our Lady of the Taper was taken to London was in the 1530’s when Thomas Cromwell ‘carted’ the statue off to Chelsea where it was to burned duirng the Reformation.

This event in our Cathedral is a wonderful opportunity for us to gather as the people of Clifton, holding the Holy Father and his visit to our country in our prayers. The evening will begin with the celebration of Evening Prayer for the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows. The evening’s liturgy will draw together people from across our diocese praying for that one intention. The liturgy will begin at 7.00pm and we are all encouraged to go along and be there with our own Bishop and with Bishop Tom Burns, the Bishop of Menevia.

It will a great gathering and a wonderful start to the Papal Visit. Please do go along and represent our parish. This is a terrific way of taking part in the Papal Visit – a chance to entrust the Holy Father, our country, our diocese and our people into the tender love and compassion of the Mother of God.

The Cathedral will remain open until 10.00pm so there is a real opportunity for people to come and go as they wish, taking part in the devotion and prayer that will make up this exciting evening.

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