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From our Magazine

From our Magazine


W e recently launched the latest edition of our parish  magazine for the spring. It is my intention to share with you some of the articles submitted by our parishioners for the web page. The first two are of a lighter and humourous nature, which I hope you will also enjoy. Here they are.



It was cold, wet, Saturday morning as preparations were being made for our big day out. We would meet once every 4 weeks and on each occasion we always aim to visit a place of interest within reasonable travelling distance. Today was by no means an exception. We had decided beforehand to visit the newly built Gloucester Quays and were really looking forward to having a great day out. The four of us met at a friends house as we set out on our journey at 8.30 in the morning on a journey not expected to take more than an hour. As none of us knew exactly where Gloucester Quays was, we took a Sat- Nav and programmed our destination in knowing full well we would arrive at our destination without any problems.

How wrong could we be! Putting our trust in the Sat- Nav, my friend listened intently to all the instructions being given: turn left, exit right etc while the rest of us were chatting in the back seats, completely oblivious as to whether we were heading in the right direction or not. A considerable amount of time had passed when we began to wonder how close we were to our destination as one of us realised we were heading in the  completely wrong direction! In fact what should have ended up as a trip to Gloucester, ended up as a trip down the wrong side of the motorway, the M4 in fact, as we were closer to Reading when we had realised the mistake we made! At one point we ended up in a farm in the middle of nowhere, full of mud and animals, when the Sat- Nav said ‘turn left’ How on earth were able to turn left in a farm? My friend, who surprisingly did not react in the way that I had expected, calmly turned the car around and headed in the right direction, with the rest of us looking at each other for a reaction to see if someone would erupt with laughter!

As we were on the motorway for some time, we made the decision to stop at a service station for a drink where we all discussed how we managed to go in the completely wrong direction. We all laughed and concluded that it was the Sat- Nav’s fault rather than blaming any other individual! We left the service station and eventually arrived at our destination at 15.30 somewhat exhausted but relieved that we eventually got there.

And what is the moral of this story? Don’t be prepared to put too much trust in a Sat Nav as  we found out!

Martine McCarthy (and friends)




TWO TRUE AMUSING TALES (from aparishioner’)

Our son’s Mother – in Law went to visit her sister to tell her that she and her husband had decided they ere going to move house. On enquiring where they were planning to go, she was told to Brazil.

‘What ever do you want to go so far away?’ her sister asked.

Realising that her sister had misunderstood, she replied. ‘Not Brazil! Bris- Hill (Brislington Hill!)

A short while ago we visited our Grandchildren’s school where our youngest grandson was acting at an assembly. They were showing the art of baking bread. Afterwards we were invited to go into their classrooms and view their other work. Noticing displayed on the walls were French words I asked my grandson if he knew what the French was for bread, his immediate response was ‘Oh I’ll introduce to you my teacher’. ‘Miss’ he said . ‘This is my Granny who used to be French!’ Amused the teacher commented . ‘Oh,  you used to be  French!’

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