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‘You ask for me, Mummy’

‘You ask for me, Mummy’

Among the many things my children have taught me is this little gem about our relationship with Mary, the Mother of Jesus.  Our five year old needed to ask an adult something.  She was nervous about it and said, ‘You ask for me, Mummy‘, taking my hand and hiding in my shadow.

That is similar, isn’t it, to us asking the intercession of our blessed virgin mother?  Sometimes we are unsure of ourselves and of what we want (or need) to say in prayer.  Sometimes we don’t quite know how to put our supplication.  Sometimes, we need Mary to pray for us when we can’t do it ourselves (‘at the hour of our death,’ yes, but so often ‘at the hour when I’m on the verge of giving in’).  Sometimes, we need the mother to pester her Son as only a mother can.

You’re familiar with the marriage at Cana, where Mary asks Jesus to… but wait, she doesn’t, does she?  She doesn’t even need to ask him the question.  What she says is, ‘They have no wine.‘  There is a request, yes, but it is silent, unvoiced.  Because they are so close, the words are not needed.  We’d be fools if we did not ask Mary – offered by the Son to be our mother too – to intercede for us every day of our lives.  We don’t necessarily need a beautiful Marian devotional prayer; we needn’t say a whole Rosary.  She’s your Mother: ‘You ask for me, Mummy’ pulls at her heart and she’s unable to resist.

It’s May, the month when we traditionally focus more keenly on our Blessed Virgin Mother.  Let’s give some time to reflecting upon the place we give her in our lives and continue to ask her to intercede for us –

Mary, Mother of God, pray for us!

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