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Lent: How was yours?

Lent: How was yours?

We’ve journeyed through the desert and we are about to step into the Triduum.  We’re at a good place for reflecting on our Lenten journey.  Firstly, let’s offer the Lord thanks for the season of Lent; thanks for the graces we have received and  thanks for our answered prayers*.

We need to give thanks for the scanty triumphs grace has won in us and say sorry for the times when the flesh was weak, remembering how compassionate the Lord was with his own disciples in the Garden of Gethsemane. Let’s review our particular resolutions in prayer, fasting and works of charity.  What worked?  What didn’t?  Is there still anything left undone?  Perhaps there’s something we might have succeeded in if we’d been less ambitious to begin with?  Consider the spiritual reading we’ve undertaken.  How did we grow as a result of that reading?  How has that reading  impacted on our lives?  Perhaps it’s unfinished, but we don’t have to wait until next Lent to finish it!

What might we repeat next Lent?  (committing pen to paper would be good for future reference). Perhaps there’s some good habit we’ve developed that we’d like to carry forward into everyday life? Now let’s consider the general journey we took through Lent.  Cast your mind back to Ash Wednesday – we had plans; we were determined and enthusiastic.

Did we alter those plans as necessary each week, or did we abandon them? Or stick to them without reviewing whether or not they tied in with where the Lord was leading us?  Are we standing now where we thought we would be back then?  Probably not, since our Lenten plans were only half the picture.  There was also the Lord’s plan for us, known to Him alone. Each of us is standing now at the threshold of the Triduum.  We’ve tried, we’ve failed, we’ve tried again, countless times.  We’ve been generous with our prayer, time, resources and ourselves… and God will never be outdone in generosity.  May He bless us and those we love abundantly as we go now to celebrate His passion, death and resurrection.


*The Lord always answers our prayers, though sometimes in unexpected ways, so we sometimes need to ask His help to let us see how those prayers have been answered.  Perhaps God has answered our prayer by bending someone else’s mind or heart and now ‘the ball’s in our court’ and we need now to take a courageous step.  Perhaps a prayer has been answered with ‘no, it’s not good for you’ or ‘not yet’, or ‘no, I have other plans in mind for you’.

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