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Second Sunday in Ordinary Time (C)

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time (C)

17th January 2010 – Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

THIS SUNDAY: The Gospel of this second Sunday of Ordinary Time continues the theme of the end of Christmas – revelation. Jesus is re¬vealed to the world by his birth, by his baptism, and by his miracles – the “signs” as John calls them. The wedding in today’s Gospel is interpreted in many ways: today, reading the Gospel with the First Reading in mind, we can see it as an image of the way in which God is so close to his people, it is as though he is married to them. Thus Jesus, the spouse of the people, shows God’s close¬ness by revealing his glory in this miracle.

THE CHRISTMAS CRIB: The crib – the simple retelling of the Christmas story of Bethlehem – takes over our Lady Chapel. Do go and pay a visit to the crib whilst you are in Church … most especially if you come with the little ones.  The crib will remain in situ for the forty days of the ‘old’ Christmas Season taking us up to the Feast of Candlemas.

CRIB OFFERINGS: The basket next to the crib will go in support of the Kasisi Orphanage in Lusaka. Your offerings will support those without a family or abandoned by their own families because of their sickness (some suffering from HIV and AIDS) in very practical ways. The orphanage is run by a community of Polish Sisters who work so hard to ensure that the quality of life of these youngsters (some just days old) is as great as possible.  If you want to see more about the orphanage, have a look at their website – – where you will find images of the orphanage as well as details of their expenses.

FIRST COMMUNION PREPARATION: The programme begins with the Mass of Enrolment which will take place here at St Bernadette’s next Sunday – 24th January during the 10.30am Mass. During this Mass the children will be presented to the parish and they will be presented with their workbooks for this coming year. It is a chance for us to pray for them and for their families as they journey into a deeper relationship with the Lord who reaches out to them in love. Do make them welcome and encourage them in this journey of preparation. This year’s preparation will involve the children from St Gerard’s as well as those from our own parish. The group will come together each Wednesday (beginning 27th January) and First Communion celebrated in both parishes at Corpus Christi.

WEDNESDAY CLUB CHRISTMAS LUNCH: Postponed until 30th January.

YEAR FOR PRIESTS – MONTHLY DAY OF PRAYER: Our next day of prayer before the Blessed Sacrament in this year for priests takes place on Friday 5th February. The Blessed Sacrament will be exposed after the 9.30am mass and will remain on the altar until Evening Prayer at 6.00pm. The list for those half hour slots is up on the notice board. Please do be generous in giving that time to pray for the priests of our diocese.

HCPT APPEAL: On the last Sunday of the month we welcome some of the members of one of the Bristol groups of HCPT who work hard throughout the year to enable children with particular difficulties and needs to make the Easter pilgrimage to Lourdes. Angela Parry will be with us on Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st January to ask for our support. We contribute each year to HCPT through what you give for tea and coffee each Sunday morning. The invitation for this month is in the hoe we might be able to boost our support and our contribution to them.

EDUCATION SUNDAY is the Sunday each year that we pray for all who work in Catholic Education – our schools, our colleges, and all involved in adult catholic formation. There is usually a retiring collection for the Catholic Education Service but as HCPT are appealing that weekend, the retiring collection for CES will take place the following weekend – 7th February. Apologies for two collections one after another!

PARISH FORUM GROUP meets again on Thursday 28th January at 7.00pm in the presbytery. We will meet for an hour only and so should be finished by 8.00pm.

WEEKLY CATECHESIS: It is hoped that the catechesis that has taken place each Wednesday during this last Advent will begin again at the start of February(in time for the beginning of Lent). The catechesis enables us to look at the coming Sunday’s readings and to take time to reflect and to pray using the scriptures as our guide. Watch this space!

SCHOOL GOVERNORS: Fr Christopher needs two Catholics who have children in our school at present who might like to support our school as a governor. If this interests you, have a word with FrC asap for more details.

FROM BISHOP DECLAN: “Like me, I am sure you have been moved by scenes of tragedy and devastation in Haiti. The people of that country have had their lives traumatised at a level that we will hopefully never experience.  People are wandering the streets having lost family, friends and their homes.  Hospitals, schools and churches have been destroyed depriving people of the few resources they had.  There are food shortages and water is scarce.  Please keep the people of Haiti in your prayers.  I would also ask you to support the collection that has been organised by CAFOD (Catholic Agency for Overseas Development) in the face of the catastrophe.  CAFOD is working with Caritas Haiti and Catholic Relief Services (US). Please also remember to pray for those people who have gone to Haiti in response to this tragedy.  Obviously most of us are unable to join the relief agencies but we can support them with our prayers and financial contributions.”

CAFOD COLLECTION: A retiring collection will be taken this weekend as our parish contribution to the people of Haiti and a response to CAFOD’s appeal for help. Whatever you can give will go in support of those suffering as a result of earthquake in Haiti. Please give as generously as you can. You can see more about CAFOD’s pledge as well as the work they are already involved in by looking at

CHRISTIAN UNITY WEEK: The week of prayer for Christian Unity begins on Monday. Each year this week enables us to pray for the unity of all Christ’s people. In our prayers this week let us pray for the Christian Churches around us. Let us pray that we might grow in understanding and in faith with one another.

OUR PRAYERS AND SYMPATHY are extended to the families of John Mack and James Robson who died recently. James’ funeral takes place this coming Tuesday at Canford Crematorium and John’s funeral takes place here at St Bernadette’s on Thursday 28th January at 10.00am. May they rest in peace.

CONGRATULATIONS AND WELCOME to Leona Alphonsa Vinoy who was baptised here last Sunday. Congratulations, also, to Leona’s family.

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