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Would you dare to write on our Prayer Wall?

Would you dare to write on our Prayer Wall?

We hope so! More of that in a moment but did you know that prayer is like a ‘pact’ with your faith?  Why, you may ask? Well there are really only four kinds of prayer;

Petitions Adoration Contrition Thanksgiving

Okay so it was a trick, but at least it may help you to remember! Whilst Adoration (praising God) and Contrition (asking for God’s forgiveness) are an essential part of a Christian’s prayer life, this part of our website is really for the first and the last of these prayer types – Petitions (asking for God’s help) and Thanksgiving (showing our gratitude to God).

If you or someone you know is in need of help, guidance or love, who better to turn to than God. If you haven’t tried it, now is your chance. Most of us pray already. Some of us find it easy to pray every day, others may find it harder and only pray occasionally, particularly in times of crisis, but being able to ask for God’s help and love, either for ourselves, our families or friends in times of need, the souls of those we have lost or even complete strangers whose plight we have heard of, can be of great comfort to all concerned. But wouldn’t it be even better if others could join in those prayers with you?

Well thankfully now they can! If you would like to record a Prayer on our Prayer Wall then please feel free to do so. Simply write your prayer in the text box following the instructions provided and this will soon appear on our Prayer Wall for others to read with you and for you. You can choose to record the prayer with or without your full name, it really doesn’t matter and no one will be concerned to judge your writing skills, spelling or grammar. The only important thing is that you share your prayer with us and we will then in turn join you in your prayer by reading it on our own screens. Simple isn’t it?  All we ask in return is that you look at some of the other prayers on the Prayer Wall to share in those prayers in the same way. Feel free to direct your prayers through Our Lady or the Saints, if you wish them to intercede on your behalf. And don’t forget to write prayers of Thanksgiving for the blessings you and others receive. We know it’s just as important to say thank you, but it often gets overlooked.

Visit the Prayer Wall regularly, it costs nothing and we certainly need each others prayers. Let me start it off for you – God Bless you.  Now it’s your turn – Dare to Prayer!

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