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Missio – A.P.F

Missio – A.P.F

Association for the Propagation of the Faith – Missio

As from 8/9/09 the Pontifical Mission Societies (PMS) of which APF (red boxes) is one of four branches, has changed it’s name from PMS to MISSIO.

This change will not have any consequences for the APF – Mill Hill partnership and the way red boxes are distributed and collected.  APF, the Pope’s own mission support agency, guarantees the outreach and vital work of the Catholic Church in the world. It is the only organisation, which supports the growth and development of every mission diocese in the world.

Mill Hill Missionaries serve the poor, building up local faith communities to live in peace, justice and become self – sufficient.  The APF has no investments. Every penny goes into a short-term deposit account and is distributed as soon as possible.  APF is safe!  This year £2.7m will go to support the missions in Africa and Asia.  If anyone would like more information, a red box, or to become an annual member please contact Judy Lavelle  01275 836779

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