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Mary’s song

Mary’s song

Today’s Gospel is Mary’s Song – the Magnificat.  What strikes me about it today is Mary’s description of Israel as ‘his servant‘:

He has come to the help of Israel his servant, mindful of his mercy
– according to the promise he made to our ancestors –
of his mercy to Abraham and to his descendants for ever.’ (Lk 1:55)

Quite often it seems to me that Israel doesn’t behave like the Servant of Yahweh but more like a headstrong prince or a petulant toddler.  Israel sometimes appears to be looking always for their own advantage, rather than simply the next opportunity to serve.  Why is this?  Perhaps it’s because Yahweh is so generous, forgiving and merciful that Israel forgets the proper dynamics of the covenant and – to some extent – perspective turns on its head.  Time and again, we read of Israel forgetting the good things the Lord has done and instead complaining of their lot and directing, almost, the Lord’s next move.

Israel’s not alone.  When we pray, we ought to be mindful first of who God is and then of who we are.  We come to worship the Lord our God, and yet so often, we come to prayer for what we might get out of it.  The tables appear to be turned: ‘just wait a moment, Lord, till I find time to fit you in’… ‘Lord, I want you to do this for me’…

When we come to Mass this Christmas, we come to worship the Christ-child, to offer Him our whole selves.  Let us pray that we might be mindful of the worship due to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and have the grace to pay him homage on bended knee.





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