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… for in you have I put my trust

… for in you have I put my trust

Last week, we pondered the antiphon accompanying Psalm 142 at Tuesday Compline,

‘Do not hide your face from me, for in you have I put my trust’

and we saw that although it is addressed to the Lord, we can turn it round and see that it also makes sense if one considers the Lord addressing us with those same words: ‘do not hide your face from me.’

The same can be said for the second half of the Antiphon, ‘… for in you have I put my trust.’

We trust in the Lord, yes, but in what way does the Lord our God trust in us?  Obviously he has no need of our assistance and yet, he has given that privilege of trust in many figures throughout the course of history.  Consider the enormous trust placed in Mary and in some ways, an even greater trust in Joseph: God entrusted them with the care of His Son in the form of a tiny baby.  John the Baptist was entrusted with that enormous task of preparing Jesus’ contemporaries for his arrival.  To Peter, Jesus gave the authority to bind and loose and the responsibility of leading the Church.  To the Apostles, he entrusted the task of handing on his teaching.

But consider what Jesus entrusted first to his disciples in that upper room and then to us in the Eucharist!  The gift of his very self!  Before Jesus was handed over to Pilate, he’d entrusted himself to his bride, the Church in a sacramental way.  So too today, he continues to entrust himself to his priests and through their action, to the laity.  What enormous trust he has placed in his creatures!

And how do we respond to that privilege of trust?  When, by the grace of God, we go some way to understanding the mystery of what we are truly doing when we receive the Eucharist, we would be paralysed with fear, were it not for the gifts of the Holy Spirit, given with Jesus’ final words on earth ringing in our ears, ‘know that I am with you always; yes, to the end of time.’  With those gifts, we are equipped to go out into the world and try to prove ourselves worthy of the trust God has shown us by bringing his love to all.

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