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The Lord upholds my life

The Lord upholds my life

O God, save me by your name;

by your power, uphold my cause.
O God, hear my prayer;
listen to the words of my mouth

For proud men have risen against me,
ruthless men seek my life.
They have no regard for God.

But I have God for my help.
The Lord upholds my life.
I will sacrifice to you with willing heart
and praise your name for it is good.

Psalm 53

In good times, it can be tempting to think that we are independent; that we hold our own lives together and we ourselves are the cause of our success.

However, when times turn tough, it is easier to see the reality: that we are not holding it all together at all and we never were. Like the Psalmist above, we see that the Lord upholds our lives and even when things go ‘pear-shaped’ for us, He is still with us, gently holding us and loving us.

The trick is to remember this in good times and bad.  But how?  The answer is right in front of us!  Reciting this psalm slowly and prayerfully will help us remember.  Spending time doing that now will also enable us to pray this psalm more deeply when we hear it at Mass on Sunday.



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