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Order our days in your peace

Order our days in your peace

I saw a T-shirt the other day that proclaimed the best reason to be a teacher: August!

Even if we’re not teachers, most of us experience at least a little of that August joy, whether we are off staying in new places, with new people, or having new experiences more locally.  Even for those who don’t take official holiday in August, the month can be markedly different: travelling to work might be easier with a significant proportion of people away on holiday.  Workloads might be lighter for the same reason.  So many of our clubs, hobbies and other commitments ‘take a break’ for August giving us unsought free time.

Whether we’re on holiday or juggling children and work, or looking after grandchildren or simply coping with so many colleagues away, August is too long a time to be completely out of routine.  There is, however, a way to keep a sense of order and inner peace even though our external life might seem a little chaotic and topsy-turvy.  We pray for it during the Roman Canon:

Order our days in your peace.

We start each day aware that it is a gift from God and aware that our lives are a gift from God.  Each morning, we offer ourselves to God for his service, ask for his blessing and ask that he ‘order our days in your peace‘.  Then, when the day is done, we return all to God with gratitude.  This is our daily prayer, not just our term-time prayer.  In fact, when we are out of routine, it is even more important!  Holidays afford many different opportunities for prayer and praise and it is inevitable that even prayer routines change a little during holidays but our initial turning of the heart and mind to God at the very beginning of the day must always be there if we dare hope that he will order our days in his peace.

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