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5 April 2015


THIS SUNDAY: When the Word is proclaimed, it is real and active, the Lord is present, and what is described is, in a sense, happening now. On certain days this is made more obvious by the selection of scripture that refers to a particular time or day. Such a selection occurs this morning, when we go with Mary Magdalene to visit the tomb, only to make with her a momentous discovery: the tomb is empty, he is risen! Taking such a prominent place on the Sanctuary for the next fifty days is the Paschal Candle, a sign of the Risen Christ’s presence in our midst. It is Christ who brings light into our darkness, hope into our despair, life into our little deaths. The simplicity of the candle allows us reflect upon the Christ who is the beginning of all things, the culmination of all things, who has entered our human history and transformed our destiny because of his cross, but who is here with us now. As we renew our baptismal promises this Sunday, as we recall the day when we became sharers in Christ’s life and resurrection, we ‘promise’ to allow the joy of the Risen Christ to touch and transform our world through us. A happy and joy-filled Easter to you all!

VESPERS: As we celebrate this Easter Sunday, there will be Vespers at 4.00pm. Do come along if you can. It is a beautiful and prayerful way of bringing this Easter Day to a close and launching ourselves into the fifty days of the Easter Season. There will also be Vespers next Sunday as we celebrate the Octave Day of Easter.


DIVINE MERCY DEVOTION: Pope John Paul II gave the Church this Feastday and so on Sunday 12th April from 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm there will be a Holy Hour in St Patrick’s Church, Redfield in honour of The Divine Mercy. Exposition of The Blessed Sacrament: Scripture Readings: Hymns: The Divine Mercy Chaplet:  Benediction. Afterwards there is tea in The Shore Gallery. All are most welcome.


LENTEN ALMS: A huge thank you for your kindness. We will be sending £1000 to CAFOD thanks to your goodness and thoughtfulness on Holy Thursday as well as what has come in across the Lenten Season. If you have any further little CAFOD boxes or Mary’s Meals boxes, do hand them in so that they can be sent off.


PROCLAIM’15: The second reflection on becoming missionary and evangelising parishes takes place after Easter. Session Two will take place in the presbytery on Thursday 23 April at 7.00pm, and the third session on Thursday 14 May at 7.00pm in the presbytery. This is a wonderful chance to think about equipping ourselves for growth and for prayer. Do come along if you can. The national gathering of diocesan delegates takes place in Birmingham on July 11. Do keep the intention of proclaim’15 in your prayers.


CLIFTON VOCATIONS: Fr Matt Anscombe, our diocesan vocations’ director, is cycling to each parish in our diocese, raising awareness of the need to pray for Vocations. He visits us in Whitchurch at 2pm on Friday 8 May. This will be a time of prayer and you are invited to join him in Church for that forty minutes he is with us.


BISHOP DECLAN’S VISIT: Our bishop comes to celebrate Mass with us on Saturday 25 April and join our diocesan diaconal students. As you may know, one of the recently ordained deacons, Tony Inganni, died at the beginning of March. As a way of joining with Tony’s family in prayer at this time, Bishop Declan comes to celebrate Mass with the intention of praying for Tony. Do come along to that Mass (10am) if you can.


FIRST COMMUNION: Do keep the youngsters in your prayers. They journey ever closer to their celebration of the Eucharist on Saturday 16 May. They pick up their preparation sessions on Saturday 18 April at 8.45am.


MENDIP MALE VOICE CHOIR joined by ‘Vox in Frox’ and Wadebridge Male Voice Choir on Friday 15 May here in the Church. Tickets (£10) are available from the narthex.


CONGRATULATIONS AND WELCOME to Elleesha Dring who celebrated the gift of Baptism, Confirmation and the Eucharist at the Easter Vigil. We welcome her into the family of the Church and pray that the light of the Risen Christ will allow her to know his love, now and always.


THANK YOU: It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were receiving the mark of Ashes on our foreheads and beginning the Lenten Season… but near seven weeks has come and gone. This Holy Week has been such a prayerful one for our parish community. There have been so many opportunities over Lent to come together to pray, so many opportunities to stay mindful of those less fortunate than ourselves, so many opportunities to support us in what we have done to turn back to the Lord and seek to be like him. But that doesn’t just happen and there are so many folk in St Bernadette’s who willingly, generously and ably give of their time and their talents to ‘make things happen’. As we enter into the Season of New Life and Risen Joy its an ideal time just to thank those who have worked hard, most especially over this Holy Week. There has been a huge transformation in the Church just to get things ready with cleaning and flowers, linens and booklets, candles and music. Servers have turned up and worked hard, folk have sung their hearts out, musicians have played and kept us in tune, people have read, welcomed, had feet washed, moved furniture, got things out of storage, put things away, turned up, prayed and taken part… its good to see a parish family so immersed in the prayer life of the Church. Let’s pray that God will continue to bless us with good things to enrich our lives and our prayer; but let’s pray that our celebration of the joy of Easter and the joy of know Christ among us that, touched and changed by that joy, we may bring joy to those we encounter throughout this coming week. Happy Easter.


THANK YOU ALSO to Fr Patrick Daly who has been with us over the Easter Triduum to celebrate with us. We pray for him and for the work he does for the Church at the heart of the European Community.

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