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First Sunday of Lent

First Sunday of Lent

22 February 2015 – First Sunday of Lent (B)

THIS SUNDAY: We begin our Lenten journey at the decisive moment of the flood, when God establishes his first Covenant with man, in the person of Noah. Noah was saved from the waters, while we (as Saint Peter points out) are saved by the waters of Baptism. This is the Covenant we live in, thanks to Christ, who came to establish this “new and eternal Covenant in his blood”. He is the only one who can do this, because he is without sin, despite “having been tempted in every way that we are”.


POPE FRANCIS’ MESSAGE FOR LENT is available in the narthex: French (yellow), Italian (green), Polish (purple), Spanish (pink), and English (orange). Do help yourself. They are there for the taking and the reading!


LECTIO DIVINA: How about deepening your prayer this Lent? Lectio Divina is a simple, prayerful ay of reading the scriptures and allowing ourselves to be attentive to his Word in the lives we lead. Two opportunities each week of Lent: a Tuesday morning or a Thursday evening. Beginning on Feb 24 and 26, these simple opportunities to hear the Word of God invite us into the presence of God through stillness and silence. See notice on the board.

MEDITATION GROUP: A superb opportunity for stillness, silence and simplicity during the season of Lent to draw us into deeper prayer and awareness of the presence of God. The meditation group meets in the Parish Hall each Thursday after Mass from about 10.15am – 11.15am. Do come and joy them.


HUMAN DIGNITY: A superb day has been put together as a way of helping us understanding what is means to be human and how, as a Christian Community, we uphold the dignity of those around us. Bishop Declan is inviting our diocese together to join him at St Brendan’s on Saturday 14 March from 10am for a day’s reflection and input. Some terrific speakers on a huge range of subjects. Poster in the narthex and details on – under the adult education department pages.


STATIONS OF THE CROSS: Stations will be celebrated followed by Benediction each Sunday of Lent at 4pm. Do come and journey through Lent walking the footsteps of the Lord to the Cross.


WORLD YOUTH DAY: Details of WYD 2016 in Krakow can be found on the notice board. Interested in taking part? Have a word with FrC.


PROCLAIM’15 is an initiative of the Bishops’ Conference to enable parish communities explore what it means to be a missionary parish caught up in evangelisation. Our parish is invited to take part in the three small group sessions, one of which takes place on Monday 23 March at 7pm in the hall. The following two sessions take place during Easter-time. Look at for more details.


CAFOD LENTEN FAST DAY: Envelopes are attached to this weekend’s newsletter to allow you to support the Lenten Fast Day – Friday 27 Feb. It gives us a chance to reach out to those who fast and go hungry as part of everyday life. From what we are fortunate to have, we thank God and share with those who have not. These envelopes go into the retiring collection next weekend, please, as we take the CAFOD Lenten Fast collection.


SOUP LUNCH for the Fast Day, Friday 27th February, at 12.30 in the parish hall. A simple lunch of soup, bread, cheese and fruit. Do come along… you’d be more than welcome.


GATHERING OF READERS: Those readers who will be asked to read during Holy Week are invited to come together in preparation and prayer on Wednesday 25 March at 7pm in the hall. Just make a note of the date. Readers will also find the series of Readers’ notes for Lent in the Narthex.


WOMEN’S WORLD DAY OF PRAYER takes place, this year, on Friday 6 March at 11.00am and is being hosted by the United Reform Church in Whitchurch Village. All are most welcome and it would be good to see our parish community represented.


PRAYER, FASTING AND ALSMGIVING: There always plenty for us to do during Lent. Just remember, Lent is a season that calls us back to God and to find in him tenderness and mercy. It’s a real time to immerse ourselves in reading the Gospel over again; time for us to deepen our prayer and to find time in midst of busy-ness for prayer and for God; time for us to consider others and show them love; time for us to ‘give up’ and in doing so, remind ourselves of what ‘within’ we need to give up to turn us back to God. Don’t be hard on yourself this Lent; just let God in!


COMMISSIONING OF NEW EXTRAORDINARY MINISTERS OF HOLY COMMUNION: This Sunday we celebrate the Commissioning of some new ministers of Holy Communion. As they commit themselves to serving our parish community in this way, we ask the Lord to strengthen and support them in their desire to come close to him.


JOURNEYING TO BAPTISM: We keep Elleesha Dring in our prayers. Elleesha took part in the Rite of Election this Saturday in our Cathedral as she prepares for Baptism at the Easter Vigil. Lent is an important time for those journeying towards the Sacraments at Easter. Let’s pray that this Lenten season will be a grace filled time for her.


CONGRATULATIONS TO Uyioghosa Michael Okoro who was baptised here last Sunday. Congratulations to his family on this celebration

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