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Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

25 January 2015 – Third Sunday in Ordinary Time


THIS SUNDAY: Where does Jesus begin his ministry? Where John the Baptist left off – preaching a message of repentance, of change, to welcome the new Kingdom of God. There is a simplicity about this message, which is not compromised by anything – today’s Gospel has these simple words from Jesus, and then the story of his calling more disciples to follow him and share in the work of spreading this message. Repentance has had something of a bad press – we tend to think of it as an old-fashioned concept. But every age needs to hear this call: to look at what we do and say and assume, and realise that there are such things as right and wrong, and that sometimes we follow the wrong path. To follow Jesus, and to accept the Kingdom of God, demands that we make a radical choice, which might well change our lives.


CONFIRMATION 2015: Bishop Declan visits us this Tuesday evening to celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation with our young people and their families: Jessica O’Toole, Isabel Nicholls, Iracy Hemming, Venecia Leoncio, Lemia Leoncio, Charley O’Toole, Jeanne Pangilinan, Alyssa Virata, Gonzalo Borrallo Barragan, Ruben Borrallo Barragan, Ana Alonso, Bradley Cox, Oskar Kleszcz, Michal Komada, Ellena Trickey, Luiza Bureta, and Rico Russo. (Benedict McGovern, Niamh Baber, Bebhinn Baber are being confirmed at the end of April). Tuesday 27 January 2015 at 7.00pm. Everyone is invited to that Mass – not just family and friends – and it is important that as a parish community, we are there to support, to encourage and to pray for these young people. We need to let them know they belong by being with them on this important occasion. Please do come and welcome our bishop and celebrate with these young men and women on Tuesday.


FIRST COMMUNION: Preparation continues this coming Saturday (31st) at 8.45am in the hall.


CHILDREN’S LITURGY OF THE WORD is hoping to raise a little money to help them get hold some decent resources for their weekly liturgies with the children. They need resources that will only enhance what they do for our children in drawing them into a deeper prayer and faith. In order to raise funds the group would like to host a cake sale on Sunday, 8 February… so if you can kindly donate/make some delicious cakes, they would be grateful. Hand them into the presbytery beforehand or bring them on that Sunday. See Patty for details.


CELEBRATION OF MARRIAGE: Once again, Bishop Declan is gathering our diocesan family together to celebrate the gift and blessing of marriage. Everyone is invited, most especially those who live a married life and, of course, those celebrating significant anniversaries in 2015. If you are, please let FrC know so that he can ensure you receive a personal invitation from Bishop Declan. Equally, if you are in your first year of marriage or preparing for marriage in 2015, get in touch with FrC. Mass in Cathedral on Saturday 14 February at 12noon.


YEAR OF CONSECRATED LIFE: Bishop Declan is inviting us to join him and the religious communities of our diocese at a celebration of Mass on Sunday 1 February (6pm) in the Cathedral. Pope Francis has called us to reflect upon the witness and example given by religious and consecrated men and women. The Bishop invites us to celebrate this Year with the religious in our diocese at 6pm in the cathedral.


JOSEPHINE LAWLEY RIP: After a short spell in hospital, Josephine Lawley died last weekend. Her funeral will take place here on Wednesday 28 January at 11.00am followed by burial at Whitchurch cemetery. May she rest in peace.


FUN QUIZ AND PLOUGHMAN’S SUPPER: Saturday 31 January starting at 7.30pm in the parish hall. The cost of tickets is either £5.00 each or a family ticket at £12.00. There will be a bar and, of course, a raffle. Please sign up on the list in the Narthex.


DIOCESAN CATECHISTS’ FORMATION COURSE: The superb formation course for existing and interested ‘those who would like to consider being’ catechists is taking place across 2015 in Bath. Details are on the notice board. The course begins at the start of February and is a wonderful way to explore the ministry of handing on faith to others. If you would be interested, have a word with FrC.


CHRISTIAN UNITY WEEK: Evening Prayer to close the week of prayer, this Sunday at 4pm. Do please come along and bring your friends from the other Christian churches with you to pray for this important intention.


SHROVE TUESDAY RECOLLECTION: As last year’s seemed so fruitful, so this Shrove Tuesday, 17 February, there will be an opportunity to get ready for the Season of Lent. Bishop Crispian Hollis will be with us for Mass at 9.30am (which will be followed by refreshments). Bishop Crispian will lead us in reflection before we go into Church for a time of prayer and adoration before the Blessed Sacrament. There will also be an opportunity for the Sacrament of Reconciliation. We finish at 12noon. Do make a note in your diaries, pass the word around, and make that effort to make use of this chance to prepare for Lent! This reflective morning is open to everyone.


BRINGING IN YOUR PALMS: The ashes that are used on Ash Wednesday traditionally come from the burnt palms blessed the previous palm Sunday. If you have palm crosses from previous years and you want to bring them in, please hand them into FrC or drop them into the sacristy by 15 February.


PARISH FORUM GROUP meets Tuesday 3 February at 7pm in the presbytery and the Liturgy Group meets on Wednesday 4 February at 7pm in the presbytery.


CANDLEMAS: Monday 2 February marks the fortieth day after Christmas. We celebrate Mass next Monday at 7pm with the blessing and procession of candles. The crib comes down after that Mass.


EDUCATION SUNDAY: Next Sunday there is a retiring collection for the Catholic Education Service.

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