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Feast of the Holy Family

Feast of the Holy Family

The Feast of the Holy Family – 28 December 2014


THIS SUNDAY: As an example for us to follow, the Holy Family can seem a little too perfect: when we consider the more ‘dramatic’ events of the Christmas and Easter story, it can seem so far removed from us. And yet, as today’s Gospel reminds us (especially in the shorter version), there were also the so-called ‘hidden years’ – the many years of family life in Nazareth, spent in ordinary things. During that time, we hear how Jesus grew and matured, and in the glimpse of that family life we see our example. The family is a basic unit of our Christian society, despite coming under threat nowadays.  Our celebration of this feast, and the Word of God we proclaim, announces that there is a lasting value in the ideals of family life, and the relationship between husband, wife, parents and children. Whatever the changing details of each age, honour, understanding and love always remain the recipe for the perfect, and holy, human family. It is love that we put on over all the other clothes of changing cultures and places, to guarantee the life of the family in imitation of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

VESPERS: This Sunday, the feast of the Holy Family, Evening Prayer is at 4pm. Vespers for New Year’s Eve – 31 December – Evening Prayer and our ‘farewell’ in thanksgiving to 2014 is at 5.00pm in the Church.


CONFIRMATION 2015: We need to keep our youngster in our prayers: Jessica O’Toole, Isabel Nicholls, Iracy Hemming, Venecia Leoncio, Lemia Leoncio, Charley O’Toole, Jeanne Pangilinan, Alyssa Virata, Gonzalo Borrallo Barragan, Ruben Borrallo Barragan, Ana Alonso, Bradley Cox, Oskar Kleszcz, Michal Komada, Benedict McGovern, Niamh Baber, Bebhinn Baber, Ellena Trickey, Luiza Bureta, and Ricco Russo. The Bishop comes to our parish to confirm these young men and women on Tuesday 27 January 2015 at 7.00pm. Everyone is invited to that Mass – not just family and friends – and it is important that as a parish community, we are there to support, to encourage and to pray for these young people. We often feel that this generation is ‘missing’ from our community. We need to let them know they belong by being with them on this important occasion.


FIRST COMMUNION: Do keep the youngster in your prayers: Logan Adams, Santiago Alonso, Kevin Binoy, Eros Canu, Isaac Chilcott, Erica Costa, Nathan Cox, Peter & John Critten, Fletcher Downs, Aiden Drew, Ashton Ducket, Oliver Jackson, Saoirse Jones, Ethan Kettle, William Morley, Hugh Murphy, Martha Peacey, Kieran Quirke, Rahul Rajesh, Steve & Ann Siby Stephen, Airen Thomas, Libby Sims, Karishma Tom, Larissa & Brianne Wright. They take a break now until Saturday 10th January. They come to be presented with the gift of the scriptures on the Sunday, 11th – the feast of the Baptism of the Lord.


200 CLUB DRAW: Next year’s subscriptions are now due. It works out at £1 per month and gives a chance of winning one of the ten monthly £25 draws and taking part in the two Grand Draws, too. Collette is sorting out renewals; do please consider renewing your membership for 2015. Spare numbers are available if you would like to ‘sign up’.


CLERK TO GOVERNORS needed at St Pius X School as soon as possible. Contact school on 0117 377 2165 for info.


A VISIT TO THE CRIB: The crib is situated over in the Lady Chapel and remains in place until the feast of the Presentation, Candlemas (2 Feb). Whilst you are at Mass, do go and pay a visit to the Crib and remember there those you love and those who form part of your family. Invite the children, especially, to go and pray at the Crib.


CRIB OFFERINGS: The little basket next to the crib is for your traditional crib offerings. Your gift goes to support the homeless, the hungry, the migrant and the refugee in our own city of Bristol as we continue to support the Boarderlands charity at St Nick’s.


SCHOOL BREAKFAST CLUB: St Bernadette Primary School Breakfast Club is looking to employ a reliable and dedicated Playworker who will be working with children aged between 4-11 years.  Hours: 7.45-9.15am, Monday, Tuesday with possibility of other days.  Term Time only,  £7.50 per hour.  Job description and application form can be collected from the school reception at St Bernadette Primary School, Gladstone Rd, Hengrove, Bristol BS14 9LP or email .  Closing date for applications is 9th January 2015.


EPIPHANY: Next Sunday we celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany and the visit of the Magi.


CCELEBRATION OF MARRIAGE: Once again, Bishop Declan is gathering our diocesan family together to celebrate the gift and blessing of marriage. Everyone is invited, most especially those who live a married life and, of course, those celebrating significant anniversaries in 2015. If you are, please let FrC know so that he can ensure you receive a personal invitation from Bishop Declan. Equally, if you are in your first year of marriage or preparing for marriage in 2015, get in touch with FrC. Mass in cathedral on Saturday 14 February at 12noon.


THANK YOU: As you know from home, Christmas doesn’t just happen. In our parish so much takes place (front of stage and behind the scenes) to make our church so ready and welcoming to those who share in our celebration of the Nativity. You can see from the beauty of the decorations that people have worked hard; putting up trees and decorating and lighting them, putting up the crib, and making sure the flowers are ‘just so’; an army of cleaners has spruced up the church, people have worked hard in the sacristy with candles and linens, people have worked hard singing and reading, serving and ministering, welcoming and preparing liturgy sheets. So much done by so many… and that deserves a recognition from us all. Thank you to one and all.

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