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Come, Lord Jesus!

Come, Lord Jesus!

Our continual prayer during Advent is ‘Maranatha’: Come Lord… but why do we pray it?  Are we saying that Jesus is reluctant to come to us and we need to talk him into it? Or that he has forgotten about us and we need to remind him of our existence?

No, of course not. God the Father sent his incarnate son Jesus to share his life with us here on earth so that we, in turn could share in the divine life of God.  God the Father – and therefore his son Jesus also – want nothing more than to come to each of us.

So why do we have to pray ‘Come Lord Jesus’?  Because Jesus will not force us to accept his divine life and love if we are unwilling to accept it.  Praying ‘Come Lord Jesus’ is the start of a welcome within us but without any further effort on our part, we may as well ask a friend round when brambles and nettles render our front path impassable, when the doorbell is disconnected, the door locked and we are oblivious to any knock at the door because Beethoven’s 9th (or whatever) is turned up to eleven.

We can’t honestly and earnestly pray ‘come Lord Jesus’ while expecting Him to pick his way over the stumbling blocks of sin in our lives. We can’t invite Jesus into our lives and expect him to have to move aside other ‘gods’ that we adore to gain entry to our innermost hearts.  How rude it would be to pray ‘Come Lord Jesus’, and then expect Our Lord to shout over the noise and clamour of our lives to enable us to hear him!

If we honestly, earnestly pray ‘Come Lord Jesus’ then we must ‘prepare a way for the Lord’. Practically, though, what does this mean?

  • Preparing a way for the Lord means setting aside some time with exterior and interior silent stillness;
  • Preparing a way for the Lord means honestly looking at our lives to see what is barring the way  –
    • What do we need to do?
    • What do we need to cease to do?
    • What do we need to jettison?
    • What do we need to change?
    • What do we need to find?
  • Preparing a way for the Lord means acting on the fruits of our reflections: changing our lives now; taking our sins to the confessional and praying for what we need, that Jesus may find in us a welcome and a dwelling place.




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