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Thirty Third Sunday of the Year

Thirty Third Sunday of the Year

16 November 2014

THIS SUNDAY: We must be very careful that the real point of today’s first reading is not washed away in genuine concerns over what one can and cannot say about the responsibilities of spouses. This is not, in fact, a recipe for ‘the perfect wife’, but an illustration, from one age, of the virtue of fully employing the talents God gives us. Some things are timeless, such as holding out a hand to the poor, while other talents shift and change. The point is that all of us are gifted in varying ways and degrees: none of us should begrudge anyone else their talents, for fear that we overlook our own. We work wisely and well, looking forward to the master’s return, when we can hand over to him not just what he gave us, but also the fruits that our labours have gained.


REFRESHMENTS: Don’t forget there’s a cuppa in the hall after Mass this Sunday morning.


CONFIRMATION 2015: A superb start to this year’s formation session with 21 candidates journeying towards the sacrament of Confirmation. They continue their formation on Wednesday 26 November at 5.45pm. Do keep them in your prayers. Their names will appear in next week’s newsletter so that you can remember them by name.


FIRST COMMUNION: The details of the session dates appear on our parish website and parents should have received a letter giving details of the start of the preparation in the post this week. We begin the Saturday prep sessions on Saturday 22 November at 8.45am in our parish hall. The first of the Presentation Masses takes place on Sunday 7 December at 10.30am. You’ll find the details of the dates of the children’s sessions, under ‘your parish’. There are 27 children ‘signed up’ for this year’s preparation…with three sets of twins!


DIACONAL ORDINATIONS: Our prayers and congratulations to Mario Kossmann and Tony Inganni as they were ordained deacons in our Cathedral on Saturday. St Bernadette’s plays a crucial role in the formation of our students by hosting their formation and supporting them in their prayer. The students are with us again on Saturday 29 November.


WELCOMING OUR NEW SCHOOL INTAKE: We always take time to welcome those who have begun their full time schooling, celebrating with their families this important stage of growth in their children’s lives. We welcome the Reception Class to 10.30am Mass this Sunday morning as they come to join us as a parish family. Do make them welcome. If you see a ‘new’ face, please take time to say ‘hello’ and welcome them this morning.


FEAST OF CHRIST THE KING is one week away. It’s a feast that marks the end of the liturgical year. It is also Youth Sunday when we pray, most especially, for our young people and for those who work to nurture the faith of our young people across our parishes. The retiring collection next Sunday supports our diocesan Youth Ministry. There will be Evening Prayer at 4pm in the Church next Sunday to mark the end of the liturgical year. Do come along if you can.


A GOSPEL FOR EVERY HOUSEHOLD: On one or two occasions recently, Pope Francis has used his Sunday Angelus to encourage a regular reading of the Gospels. At the beginning of the Synod in October, once again, he asked families to begin a regular, prayerful reading of the Scriptures. For the Feast of Christ the King (next Sunday), we will receive a copy of St Mark’s Gospel (in anticipation of the start of the new liturgical year). As Pope Francis says, ‘this is not for the shelf, but to be kept close at hand’. Our parish website will also feature a monthly reflection written by Fr Henry Wansborough OSB. This will accompany our reading of Mark.


ADVENT: The Advent Season begins on Sunday 30 November. Each of the Advent Sundays will be marked by the celebration of Evening Prayer at 4.00pm (with the exception of the third Sunday when we have our Family Crib Service – 14 December).


PARISH LITURGY GROUP meets again on Tuesday, 25 November at 7pm in the presbytery.


PARISH FORUM GROUP meets on Tuesday, 25 November at 8.05pm in the presbytery.


SPONSORSHIP: Bernard Price is seeking your support during ‘Mo’vember. He is raising money for men’s health charities. His sponsor form is on the notice board. Have a word with him for more details.


TRAIDCRAFT TROLLEY : Thanks to your support £200 (including gift aid) has been sent to the CAFOD Ebola Crisis appeal. Fairtrade goods from local shops are stocked on the trolley and there is also the chance of ordering more Traidcraft stock soon. The Christmas catalogue is available on the trolley for any special gifts to be ordered. Please have a word with one of the trolley ‘supervisors’.


CATHEDRAL CALENDARS: Each year we are asked to take a second collection as a gift of support for the upkeep and maintenance of our mother church in the diocese. We haven’t taken this for the last two years, simply because of the need to maintain our own building at the moment. One of the initiatives the cathedral has taken up is to produce a fundraising calendar featuring some of the churches around the diocese. Please do consider buying one – £10 – as our way of supporting the cathedral in their fundraising. They are beautifully produced. You’ll find them in the narthex. Pop the money in with the newspaper money. There are 20 there… but we can always get more.


ADVENT CALENDARS AND CHRISTMAS CARDS are available from the narthex. It may be a little early, but do please consider buying your cards from the respository; they are not expensive and the profits we make go back into the parish funds.


CONGRATULATIONS to our October 200 Club Grand Draw winners: Niamh Baber (£200), Mr T O’Connor (£100) and Carys Lampard (£50). Your cheques are awaiting collection!


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