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Our Bazaar – thank you

Our Bazaar – thank you

Preparations began months ago… Father Christopher and his team of volunteers were determined to make it a good bazaar, filled with all kinds of fun, delicious food, games of skill and luck and stalls of books and fancy goods to suit all tastes.

With tasks delegated and jobs assigned, it wasn’t long before the activity began. People began arriving to mass with bags filled with donations, whilst back at home gardeners carefully tended to their seedlings and watched them transform in to plants that would grace any garden. Clever cooks prepared their ingredients and recipes for a vast variety of yummy jams and creative chutneys. Right across the parish, people were sharing their talents, time and energy to the common cause.

And then, before we knew it, the day of the bazaar had arrived. The team of volunteers were up early to set up the various stalls, whilst other generous chefs put the finishing touches to the freshly baked goods they had prepared. Around 11 am, things started to arrive looking beautiful and smelling delicious. Not just beautiful cakes and biscuits, but also Italian recipes and authentic Indian cuisine – all beautifully spiced, shaped and cooked to perfection.

At last, the moment that everybody had been waiting for: On the 17th of May at 12 o’clock precisely, the Bazaar opened for business.

A lively crowd had gathered eager to enjoy all that was on offer and as the doors opened people poured in to start exploring the various stalls inside and out.

We were blessed in gorgeous sunshine as the fun began. People who were feeling adventurous braved ‘Splat the Rat’ – (a game which I can confirm is much trickier than it looks), whilst others enjoyed a little retail therapy, snapping up books and various other ‘objet’ at very reasonable prices. Nearly everybody tried their luck at the ‘Mighty Bottle Stall’.

The refreshments were a big success. Several of the over 18s enjoyed a lovely cup of Irish Coffee (with a very generous dash of ‘Irish’) from the Little Sisters of the Poor, while the youngsters had ice-cream, hot-dogs, and sweets to contend with. It was lovely to see the children after a Face-Painting session, the grounds were covered with fairies, pirates and butterflies of all shapes and sizes.

It truly was a wonderful afternoon.

We would like to thank everyone for their generous donations and for the time and energy freely given by all the volunteers. Thanks also to all those who came along to support it. You helped to make our Bazaar such a happy and fruitful event: An impressive £3000 was raised for St Bernadette’s building project and just as importantly, it was an excellent social occasion for the whole parish.

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