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Praying for our priests

Praying for our priests

We are caught up in the adventures of David at daily Mass at the moment.  Today he was anointed as King (2 Samuel 5:1-7,10) and in his homily this morning, Pope Francis reflected on that anointing:

‘Without this anointing, David would have been only the head, of the ‘company’…  Instead, after the anointing, the Spirit of the Lord ‘descends upon David and stays with him’. Scripture says that David continued to grow in power, and that the Lord was with him. This is precisely the difference anointing makes. The anointed one is a person chosen by the Lord. So it is in the Church for bishops and priests’…

‘It is impossible to explain,’ he continued, ‘how the Church could continue under merely human strength. This diocese goes forward because it has a holy people, many things, and also an anointed one who leads, who helps it to grow. This parish progresses because it has many organizations, many things, but it also has a priest, who carries the parish forward.’

Let us thank God for those whom He has called to serve as bishops and priests.  Let us pray that those men who once so generously responded to the call of the Good Shepherd, will continue listen for, and respond to His call, so that day by day, their anointed hands may be swift to do His will and their hearts swift to serve Him.


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