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Third Sunday of the Year

Third Sunday of the Year

26 January 2014

THIS SUNDAY: We will spend most of the Sundays of the coming year in the company of Saint Matthew. His Gospel (like the others has its own characteristics. He is writing for a Jewish audience, and so is always at pains to stress one thing: that Jesus of Nazareth was the promised Messiah. He does this by reference to Jesus’ teaching and miracles, and very often by quoting the prophecies of the Old Testament to show that Jesus was their fulfilment. Today is a perfect example. “Zebulun and Naphthali” was an old name for the area round Capernaum by the side of the Lake of Galilee, a busy fishing and trading area, with many Gentile towns and settlements: it is here, rather than in the dangerous town of Nazareth, that Jesus “settles” and begins his ministry. This is where the proclamation of the Kingdom of God begins, as was foretold, and the first followers are invited to join Jesus.


THE CHRISTMAS CRIB is situated over in the Lady Chapel and will remain in place until the fortieth day of Christmas, the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord (Candlemas), 2 February. You raised a staggering near £1000 through this year’s crib offerings. £750 is being sent off to CAFOD as our support to the Christian communities in Syria with £250 being sent by our Outreach Group to support the Borderlands project at St Nick’s. Thank you for your generosity and your kindness. The crib will come down after next weekend.


BISHOP’S VISITATION: The bishop is visiting this deanery over the next couple of months and comes to us on Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 February. Bishop Declan will celebrate both Masses over the weekend and would like to meet ‘the parish’ in our hall after Mass on Saturday evening. Whilst this is his formal visit to the parish it is, also, a great opportunity to share with him our hopes and our vision for this parish and its future. Put the note in your diaries, please. Each and every one of you is invited to come along and take part in that conversation with the bishop on next Saturday, 1 February, around 7.00pm in the hall.


200 CLUB MEMBERSHIP: Each monthly Draw will take place in the Hall on the last Sunday of the month. Half the monies raised goes back into our parish funds! That means we pull the first draw of 2014 this weekend giving someone that prize of £25. If your renewal is yet to be paid, please make sure you see Collette. There are some vacant numbers available for an annual subscription of £12. A great way to support our parish fundraising.


IN THE NARTHEX: You will find some preliminary drawings that have put onto paper the fruits of the questionnaire that was sent out and returned last year. It has to be stressed that this is just a vision, and not a done deal. It gives us chance to at least consider what could be, flowing from your thoughts and your ‘wish list’. There are no figures as of yet… that’s the next stage, so that we can weigh up the varying options before us… whether we repair, whether we look at developing and planning for a future, or something else. Please take time to browse the architectural drawings. There will be some of the Project working party on hand to unpack the vision for you.


MARRIAGE CELEBRATION: This annual celebration drawing our diocese (and especially our married couples) together in celebration of the gift of marriage is taking place on Saturday 8 February at 12noon. All are welcome. If you are celebrating a significant anniversary in 2014 (silver, pearl, ruby, golden, diamond… or platinum), would you please let FrC know so that he can arrange a particular invitation? Poster in narthex.


DIOCESAN PILGRIMAGE TO ASSISI: Bishop Declan is leading a week’s pilgrimage to Assisi, walking in the footsteps of St Francis and St Clare. The pilgrimage is set to take place from 22 – 29 September 2014 and full details of the itinerary are on the notice board. FrC has further copies and booking forms. Details are also on the diocesan website. The price is only guaranteed until the end of January, so deposits need to be in before 31 January.


MEDITATION GROUP comes together again on Thursday at about 10.15am.


BAZAAR MEETING: Just to bring folk together at the start of the New Year, those looking after stalls, etc, are invited along on Tuesday 28 January at 7.30pm in the Hall just for a brief time to touch base ahead of May.


PARISH BAZAAR JAMS AND PRESERVES:  in readiness for this coming May’s bazaar, Gordon is seeking donations of granulated sugar and clean jam jars that can be used as part of the stall.  Please leave jars and sugar in the Narthex.


FIRST FRIDAY SOUP LUNCH: Friday 7 February from around 12.15pm onwards. All are most welcome.


FIRST COMMUNION: The First Communion children come together with Bishop Declan visiting our parish next weekend (2 February) and, as we listen to the Word of God, so the Bishop will present each of our children on their journey towards the Eucharist with a copy of the Scriptures. Let’s keep them in our prayers and ask the Lord to watch over them and bless them as they deepen their relationship with him. We pray for April, Sophia, Freya, Adrian, Toby, Jack, Sofia, Joseph, Leandro, Ellie, Daniel, Shaianna, Grace, Jake, Lenny, Bobbie, Erin, and Lucy.


OPENING THE WINDOWS: Many of you may remember the series of lectures at the Cathedral engaging us with the documents of Vatican II ahead of the start of the Year of Faith. Those superb lectures have been published and the book, edited by Gavin D’Costa is being launched at St James’ Priory (next to the bus station) on Thursday 30 January at 7pm. Archbishop Kevin McDonald will be speaking and all you have to do to go along is let Richard Williams at the Adult Education Office know that you would like to participate – 0117 902 5595.

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