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Thirty Second Sunday of the Year

Thirty Second Sunday of the Year

10 November 2013 – Remembrance Sunday


THIS SUNDAY: It is fortuitous that this passage of the Gospel is normally read near to the beginning of November, when we have celebrated the feasts of All Saints and All Souls, since it is a strong proclamation of the reality of life after death and the resurrection of the body. This Sunday is not without its difficulties, however, since this message is framed in two very sensitive passages: we have a story of cruelty and martyrdom in the first reading, and a controversial (and possibly upsetting) question about marriage in the Gospel. Remember that the example that the Sadducees bring is ridiculous, legalistic and completely misses the point: Jesus’ reply does not mean that we are not with our loved ones after death – quite the contrary; he proclaims that we will all become one with God and each other as children of God.


REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY: We keep the memory of those who have lost their lives in conflicts across the twentieth century and those who have lost their lives recently in continuing conflicts, too. At Mass this Sunday, with peoples from across our country and the commonwealth, we observe a moment of silence during the bidding prayers as we bring their sacrifice of their lives in the pursuit of peace before the Lord.


THE WEDDING of Kelly Duckett and Aaron Low takes place this coming Friday. We keep them in our prayers.

LITTLE SISTERS OF THE POOR: Sister Therese from St Joseph’s Home in Cotham will be with us at both Masses this Sunday (9th/10th) to appeal (as she does annually) on behalf of work of the sisters with the elderly in our city.


MEDITATION – THE PRAYER OF THE HEART: The final session in this beautiful series takes place on Thursday, 14 November, at 10.30am and taking place in our hall. It lasts an hour. Refreshments follow. Our thanks to Margaret and Brian Wilson for their gentle guidance through this series of prayer and stillness.


CATECHISTS FORMATION COURSE: The come and see evening only whetted the appetite for what is to come in the New Year. This course isn’t just for those who bear the title ‘catechist’; its for all those who have any part in handing on faith to others. It is crafted in such a way as to encourage us in our own faith, seeking to deepen it and the friendship our faith draws us into, giving us the confidence to hand it on to others. Have a look at the details in the narthex and think about taking part.


PARISH BAZAAR 2014: If you fancy lending a hand with this coming year’s bazaar or running one of the stalls, then come along to the hall on Thursday 14 November at 7.30pm. The more, the merrier, and it will be good to put all our efforts into this great fundraising and social event.


EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS HOLY HOUR: Wednesday 20 November at 7pm in preparation for commissioning and re-commissioning on the Feast of Christ the King (23rd/24th).


MASS TO CLOSE THE YEAR OF FAITH: The Bishop is celebrating Mass at 3.30pm on Sunday 24 November, closing the Year of Faith. Each parish is asked to be represented and it would be good if St B’s was well represented at that diocesan gathering. Please make a note in your diaries.


FIRST COMMUNION PREPARATION: Letters have already gone home with the Year 3 children about the re-jigged sessions and completed applications need to be in this weekend at the latest. Preparation will begin in the next couple of weeks and FrC will be sending details of the programme home to the children whose names have come in.


DIACONAL ORDINATIONS: Two of the students whose preparation has been taking place here in the parish over the last two years are in the final throws of preparation for ordination in the Cathedral this Saturday – 16 November – at 11.00am. Steve and Bogdan warmly invite you to join them in this beautiful celebration where they commit themselves to the service of the Church and of God’s people, as deacons. If you would like to go along, then please do. It would be good to have the parish represented as you have supported them along their formation journey by playing host to their formation course! Our morning Mass time will be altered to 9am.


CHRISTMAS CARDS AND ADVENT CALENDARS: You will see that Siobhan has plenty of stock in readiness for Christmas. Our repository brings us in a little money each year because of what you buy. If there is one little thing you can do to support our parish this Christmas, it is to buy your cards from the shop in the narthex. There are few places where you’ll find great value and, in this Year of Faith, it gives us the opportunity to retell the Christmas story through the cards we send to others… maybe to those who have forgotten who it is that lies at the heart of Christmas. Advent begins 30 November/1 December.


PARISH FORUM meets next on Wednesday 13 November at 7.45pm.


DIOCESAN PILGRIMAGE TO THE HOLY LAND: 91 Pilgrims returned to the diocese safe and sound on Thursday night. You can see some of the pilgrimage photographs on


THE SEASON OF ADVENT: This liturgical year comes to a close in a couple of weeks before we start over again with the Season of Advent (30 Nov/1 Dec). Each Sunday of Advent will invite us to deepen our prayer as we wait in joy and in hope for the coming of the Saviour. Vespers each Advent Sunday afternoon, and the Family Crib Service on Sunday 15 December. Put a note of that in your diary…a most prayerful and reflective way of preparing for Christmas.


WEEKDAY MASS: We’ll move back into the hall for Mass during the week (Monday-Friday) just so that we can keep warm as the weather drops, now, even more.

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