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What Shortie & the Sunflowers taught me

What Shortie & the Sunflowers taught me

Yesterday, I cut down our withered Russian Giant sunflowers.  The heads we cut off to collect seeds and to hang in the trees for the birds.  The children then carried the decapitated stalks up to the end of the garden, intent upon using them to construct a den.  Our youngest was struggling with her chosen sunflower stalk, which is not surprising, given that it must have been nearly ten foot in length.  ‘Here, let me help you with that,’ I said, but was rebuffed with ‘no.  I’m going to do it myself’.

Is this not how we are with God sometimes?  He is the Loving Father, who knows better than we do our limits as well as our capabilities.  He sees when we struggle and always wants to help us, but he waits for the invitation – the supplication – from us.  I’m sure we all pray often for the needs of others, but how frequently do we ask God for the help that we need?

We must guard against a misplaced sense of selflessness when it comes to our prayer of supplication.  Yes, it would be selfish to ask God only for what we want and never to consider the needs of others. However, are we not lacking humility if we fail to bring our own needs to God?  Surely by not asking God for the help that we need we are implying, at some level at least, that we think we can do it all by ourselves and have no need of divine assistance?

Perhaps we are not so much children of God but little toddlers: by ourselves, we make a mess of pretty much everything.  With God’s help, however, nothing is impossible.

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