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Twenty Ninth Sunday of the Year

Twenty Ninth Sunday of the Year

20 october 2014


THIS SUNDAY: Perhaps the hardest Olympic event is the marathon: not only does it demand strength and fitness, but it calls for immense perseverance and endurance. Life in general and the Christian life in particular, is a marathon. We will face hills and mountains as well as valleys and gentle slopes in life: we will face obstacles and pressures which will make us want to say, as the prophet Elijah did, “Lord, it is enough!” Especially in our lifetime of prayer, there will be times when we say “Lord, I can go no further.” Jesus himself understands the need for perseverance in prayer, and the temptation to lose heart, which is why he offers us this parable and teaching today. And remember the thought from the first reading: sometimes we may need to hold each other in our praying!

MASS TO WELCOME NEW SCHOOL INTAKE: As they come to the end of their first term in school, we welcome to Mass this Sunday – 20 October (10.30am) – those who have just begun their schooling at St Bernadette’s as well as welcoming those who are new to our school community. It’s always a great chance to reach out in welcome and with that sense of belonging.

MISSIONARY APPEAL: A huge thank you for your tremendous kindness to Fr Joseph and the White Fathers’ appeal last weekend. We are sending them £544.64 as our offering to their mission. Thank you.
NEXT SUNDAY: World Mission Sunday sees us take the annual collection for the APF – your gift to the Church’s mission overseas. Many of you support the APF through your red boxes. Please give what you can.

MEDITATION – THE PRAYER OF THE HEART: This beautiful series continues this coming Thursday, 24 October, at 10.30am and taking place in our hall. Margaret and Brian Wilson will be continuing this short series exploring Meditation, teaching us how to meditate and drawing us deeper in prayer through stillness, through silence and through simplicity. These Thursday sessions are open to everyone and anyone… and you come to however many you feel like coming to… even if you’ve yet to start. Come along and enjoy the peace and the stillness amidst the busy-ness of daily life. It lasts an hour. Refreshments follow. Poster in the narthex.

CATECHISTS FORMATION COURSE: If you are already immersed in the work of catechesis through Children’s Liturgy, through reading, through working with First Communion or Confirmation youngsters… or would like to be…then this formation series is for you. A gentle journey and introduction/refresher on the role of catechesis and evangelisation & mission so as to support us in the ministry we are involved in… and its taking place on our own doorstep (starting this coming Thursday) – at the primary school. There are monthly inputs and well worth dipping into. Flyers in the narthex and have a word with FrC. The parish will sponsor and subsidise those wanting to take part. Come and see, and find out more on Thursday 24 October at 7.30pm in the Primary School. This is a fantastic opportunity to ground oneself in a ministry of outreach and a ministry of drawing others into friendship with Christ. Why not just ‘come and see’, then decide for yourself.

FIRST COMMUNION PREPARATION: If you have a son or daughter in Year 3 (Aged 7) or upwards and feel that they are ready to begin their preparation for First Communion next June, then you are invited to come along to the Parish Hall on Tuesday 22 October at 7pm. This is an important gathering where, as parents, you can find out all that will be involved in this coming year’s full programme which begins towards the end of November. You will be able to pick up all the information and also complete the application details there and then. That meeting is a must! If it affects your family this year, then please make a note in your diary.

ALL SAINTS: 1 November (Friday) is a Holyday of Obligation. Two masses that day: 10.00am and 7.00pm. We celebrate the promise and hope of pilgrimage’s end in the glory of Saints, and we celebrate God’s goodness to us in these men and women who offer us encouragement and inspiration. Do make a note of the date. ALL SOULS (Saturday 2 Nov) The commemoration that gives November its character falls on a Saturday. The 10.00am Mass draws us into a month where we pray for those gone before us, those dear to us,  who have died. The list for your Mass intentions for the month is on the board. One intention per day. Please pop the name on an envelope and push it through the presbytery door. If you want to include your mass offering, please do so.

HOLY SOULS CEMETERY MASS: Saturday 2 November in the cemetery chapel at 11.00am. Do go if you can.

EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS HOLY HOUR: Wednesday 20 November at 7pm in preparation for commissioning and re-commissioning on the Feast of Christ the King (24th).

PARISH BAZAAR 2014: If you fancy lending a hand with this coming year’s bazaar or running one of the stalls, then come along to the hall on Thursday 14 November at 7.30pm. The more, the merrier, and it will be good to put all our efforts into this great fundraising and social event.

CHRISTINE HEALY RIP: Sadly, Christine died just after last weekend. Her funeral is to take place here on Monday (21st) at 12noon. We keep John and all Christine’s family and friends in our prayers. May she rest in peace.

ROTAS FOR NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER are available from the narthex. Please make sure you collect yours if this affects you. Rotas are also available on the parish website.

OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE by Ana Elena Olascoaga Camacho (from Mexico) takes place on Tuesday 5 November at St Gerard’s – 7.30pm. Come and find out more. There are details on the notice board in the narthex.

MASS TO CLOSE THE YEAR OF FAITH: The Bishop is celebrating Mass at 3.30pm on Sunday 24 November, closing the Year of Faith. Each parish is asked to be represented and it would be good if St B’s was well represented at that diocesan gathering. Please make a note in your diaries.

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