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Twenty Sixth Sunday of the Year

Twenty Sixth Sunday of the Year

29 September 2013 – Twenty Sixth Sunday of the Year


THIS SUNDAY: Following on from last week (“You cannot be the slave of both God and money”) we see a practical illustration of what this means. The division between rich and poor was very striking at the time of Jesus: popular understanding, however, said that to be rich was a blessing from God. Jesus reminds people that riches carry their own responsibility – the duty to notice the poor man, especially when he lies at your own gate. In this parable, Jesus is subtly attacking the people’s lack of acceptance of the teaching of the prophets – “They have Moses and the prophets…”, but they obviously haven’t listened to them. The twist in the last line is powerful: “…they will not be convinced even if someone should rise from the dead.” Since our world still sees a division between rich and poor, how true those words have become!


WELCOME: Fr Christopher joins the catechists from around the world who are meeting with Pope Francis in Rome this coming week. Fr Henry, the Polish priest staying at St Patrick’s, Redfield, will be with us next weekend to celebrate Mass for us.


FIRST FRIDAY EXPOSITION: This monthly time of prayer before the Blessed Sacrament takes place this coming Friday following the 9.00am Mass until 12.00pm. Do make use of the open Church and the stillness and tranquillity of the time in the presence of the Lord. Just make sure you note the earlier Mass!

GATHERING FOR OUR EXTRAORDINARY MINISTERS OF HOLY COMMUNION: As with our readers, we’ll gather the ministers of HC together before they are re-commissioned this autumn. The bishop requires all Eucharistic Ministers to come together for a time of prayer and reflection ahead of annual re-commissioning. Make a note in your diaries: Wednesday 2 October at 7.30pm.


A CELEBRATION OF HARVEST: As we come to that time of year where we celebrate the abundance of the fruits of the earth, we take time also to ponder those who do not benefit from so great a share in God’s gifts. As we have done in previous years, there is a box in the Lady Chapel which will allow you to pop something tinned or a packet of something that can be taken down to the Julian Trust night shelter for some of Bristol’s hungry and homeless. If you can pop something extra into your shopping trolley this week or next, then place it into the box, please.


CAFOD HARVEST FAST: The Harvest Fast Envelopes are attached to the newsletter this week time in for the Harvest Fast collection for CAFOD taken next weekend. As we thank God for the earth’s fruits, so we reach out to those who do not share in so great an abundance. Our gift to CAFOD is our reaching out to those who hunger in our world. Do give as generously as you can… as you always do.


HARVEST SOUP LUNCH: Taking place on Friday 4 October, this simple soup lunch will enable us to eat simply so that others may simply eat. The money raised will go to support CAFOD at harvest time. Do come along and support the Friday lunch if you can… and bring someone with you.


EXPLORING ST MATTHEW: Beginning next Wednesday (October 9), there will be four sessions spread across the liturgical year to enable us to deepen our understanding of the Gospel of St Matthew. Taking place at Sacred Heart, Westbury-on-Trym, and led by John Huntriss, this fantastic opportunity is free and open to all! You can find the full details of the dates and times of the series on the poster in the Narthex. Do go along if you can.


MEDITATION – THE PRAYER OF THE HEART: Beginning this coming Thursday, 3 October, at 10.30am and taking place in our hall, Margaret and Brian Wilson will be leading a short series exploring Meditation, teaching us how to meditate and drawing us deeper in prayer through stillness, through silence and through simplicity. These Thursday sessions are open to everyone and anyone… and you come to however many you feel like coming to. Come along and enjoy the peace and the stillness amidst the busy-ness of daily life. It lasts an hour, Refreshments follow. Poster and flyers in the narthex.


MISSIONARY APPEAL: Each year, the bishop gives permission for one of the Missionary Congregations to make an appeal in all the parishes of the diocese. This year Fr Joseph Cummins from the Missionaries of Africa (the White Fathers) will be with us at all Masses 12/13 October. His congregation has been immersed in the building up of parish communities, education, seminary training, social welfare, agriculture and justice and peace, working hand in hand with the local Church in parts of Africa. He comes to ask for our support and our help in this apostolate of mission.


BRIAN HINGE RIP: Brian died last weekend, peacefully, at home with his family around him. We keep Cathy and Joan and Lynn in our prayers at this time. Brian’s funeral will be celebrated here at St Bernadette’s this coming Tuesday, 1 October, at 12noon followed by cremation at 1.30pm. May he rest in peace. Amen


CATECHISTS FORMATION COURSE: If you are already immersed in the work of catechesis through Children’s Liturgy, through reading, through working with First Communion or Confirmation youngsters… or would like to be…then this formation series is for you. A gentle journey and introduction/refresher on the role of catechesis and evangelisation & mission so as to support us in the ministry we are involved in… and its taking place on our own doorstep (October) – at the primary school. There are monthly inputs and well worth dipping into. Flyers in the narthex and have a word with FrC. The parish will sponsor and subsidise those wanting to take part. Come and see, and find out more on Thursday 24 October at 7.30pm in the Primary School.


MASS TO WELCOME NEW SCHOOL INTAKE: As they come to the end of their first term in school, we welcome to Mass on Sunday 20 October (10.30am) those who have just begun their schooling at St Bernadette’s as well as welcoming those who are new to our school community. It’s always a great chance to reach out in welcome and with that sense of belonging.

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