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Nineteenth Sunday of the Year

Nineteenth Sunday of the Year

11 August 2013 – Nineteenth Sunday of the Year (C)

THIS SUNDAY: When we consider the Christian life, we often think in positive terms: peace, light, joy, goodness, life. And yet, as the Scriptures remind us today, that Christian life must be lived in the midst of a world which is filled with more negative terms: division, distress, cruelty and death. The words of the Gospel may appear shocking to us: Jesus says that he comes to bring “division, not peace”, and this seems totally contrary to the message of the Gospel! And yet, Jesus is not announcing his desire – of course he wants peace, not division – but showing his understanding of the world in which we live. He is inviting us to weigh up the cost of the Kingdom, a cost he was willing to embrace: as the second reading tells us: “… Jesus, for the sake of the joy which was still in the future, endured the cross…” Whatever weighs us down, let us endure and persevere, so that the fire of God’s love may blaze over the whole earth!

TAIZE MUSIC AND PRAYER: We’ll pick up from where we left off after Easter and hopefully start up a regular opportunity for reflection using the music and prayer of Taize. We’ll meet in the Church for an hour, entering into stillness and silence as we ponder the Word of God in prayer and song on Friday 6 September at 7pm. Do come along if you can, and do pass the word around. If this is something you would like to see as a regular feature of our parish prayer life, then do please come along as you can. Put the date in your diary.

PARISH BUILDING PROJECT: There are copies of the Project Newsletter for you to pick up from the narthex which gives a most comprehensive overview and summary of the feedback from the questionnaires you returned over the last month.

DIACONAL FORMATION STUDENTS: The formation programme that uses our facilities throughout the academic year, breaks now for the summer. The dates for the new year beginning in September, are to be found on the board in the narthex.  Their presence on these Saturdays simply affects those who read as well as Eucharistic Ministers on a Saturday morning.  Two of the students who will be ordained deacon this coming November will join us for the evening Mass on Saturday 14 September where they will make their Profession of Faith and their Oath of Freedom. These form part of the formal application for ordination. Do keep all our students in your prayers.

FUNDRAISING SOCIAL: After the wonderful response to the Italian lunch earlier this month, this September will see our hall host an Indian lunch cooked for us by the Kerela families in our parish. Sunday 8 September at 1.30pm – put the date in your diary and there will be more details of menu and how to get hold of a ticket, next week.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS: If you are travelling around this time for your summer break, do go safely, have a good rest, and return refreshed.

THE FEAST OF THE ASSUMPTION: This holyday of obligation is celebrated on Thursday 15 August. There will be two Masses that day in Church: 9.30am and 7.00pm. This feast celebrates the fruits of the resurrection of Jesus reflected at the end of his mother’s life. God would allow no stain of Adam’s sin to touch the second Eve. She is taken up into heaven, body and soul, to reign as queen, to reign with her Son. Do make a note of the date in your diary.

200 CLUB NEWS: Congratulations to our June £25 winner Mr C Morrissey and our July £25 winner    Mrs Pat O’Brien. The Grand Draws will take place, this year, in September and December, giving someone that little windfall in readiness for the autumn and for Christmas.

GATHERING FOR OUR READERS: We’ll draw our readers together for their yearly reflection. This gives new readers and familiar readers chance to come together just to touch base upon the role and ministry they fulfil in the midst of our community. All our readers – weekday and Sunday – are asked to come along on Tuesday 17 September at 7.00pm in the Church.

GATHERING FOR OUR EXTRAORDINARY MINISTERS OF HOLY COMMUNION: As with our readers, we’ll gather the ministers of HC together before they are re-commissioned this autumn. The bishop requires all Eucharistic Ministers to come together for a time of prayer and reflection ahead of annual re-commissioning. Make a note in your diaries: Wednesday 2 October at 7.30pm.

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