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Fourteenth Sunday of the Year

Fourteenth Sunday of the Year

7 July 2013

THIS SUNDAY: The link between the First Reading and Gospel is not immediately apparent today, until you look at the “headings” which are always chosen “to make the connection between readings of the same Mass clear.” (Introduction to the Lectionary n.123.) The “headings” present us with a simple picture today: a river of peace flowing out from the Lord, which we see in the Gospel as the flowing of the disciples as they are sent out on their first mission. From the Lord of Peace, others, like ripples in a pool, flow out carrying his simple message: “Peace to this house!”


MASSES THIS WEEK: As FrC is in Exeter working at the Conference, The Way We Welcome, Fr Alvaro will be celebrating Mass each day but in the evening (except Thursday), once he has returned home after his day at school. Apologies for the change of Mass times; it’s only to ensure there is Mass celebrated each day in the parish.


PARISH BUILDING PROJECT: Thank you to those who responded so immediately to the invitation to feed in your thoughts about our building project. If you took your questionnaire away with you last weekend, please remember to pop it into the box this weekend. If you have yet to complete one and would like to contribute your reflections, please do so this weekend as you leave Mass. We do, though, need to consider a vision for our parish in this part of the city and this part of the diocese. There will be more information coming your way over the weeks, but maybe now is the time to ponder on the sort of parish we need to be and therefore what facilities might we need to live out that vision. Ask yourself what is our parish community here for? Who is it here for? What does our presence here bring to our local community? Are we here for ourselves or are we here for others? You can leave your contributions in the green box in the narthex.


GLASTONBURY PILGRIMAGE: The bishop is inviting our diocesan community to join him at this annual procession and pilgrimage NEXT Sunday, 14 July. In this Year of Faith, we reflect upon Mary as model of discipleship. The Rosary procession around the Abbey ruins and the town begins at 2.15pm and Mass celebrated at 3.30pm. It is always a rich and reflective gathering each year. Do go along and take part if you can. There’s plenty of details on


EXPLORING THE COUNCIL’S DOCUMENTS: The last session with Gavin D’Costa takes place in the Apostle Room of the Cathedral on Thursday 11 July with refreshments from 7.00pm. The session begins at 7.30pm. The series has been terrific so far; do go along to this final one if you can. Our parish series on the documents concludes on Wednesday 24 July at 7.30pm in the parish hall.


THIS IS OUR FAITH: EXPLORING THE CREED: We continue exploring the Creed through Catechesis on Tuesday 16 July at 7.30pm in our parish Hall. Deacon Paul White will be with us to explore the Communion of Saints; the forgiveness of sins. Do come along if you can.


DIACONAL FORMATION: There will be a celebration of the Ministry of Acolyte on Friday 19 July here at St Bernadette’s during which two of the students in formation will receive the ministry of acolyte. We welcome one of our Vicars General, Mgr Liam Slattery, to that Mass with us. Do please come along to that Mass if you can; the formation for these students has been a regular part of our life and ‘ministry’ here at St Bernadette’s across the last two years, and the students have valued the welcome and prayerfulness of our Saturday morning Mass community, journeying with them each time.


PETER’S PENCE: Thank you for your most generous contribution to the retiring collection last Sunday for Peter’s Pence. You kindly raised £251.65. This money is sent to the Holy Father added to the collection taken across the universal Church and allows the Pope to exercise charity and support on our behalf. He can respond with tremendous generosity to support those suffering from disaster as well as the support of mission projects around the world. Thanks for your kindness.


FOR OUR PRAYERS: We keep our primary school in our prayers this coming week as they ‘journey through’ their RE inspection.


CALLING ALL MUSICIANS: If you play a musical instrument and would like to contribute your talent and a little time to form a music group for Sunday mornings (once a month) then come along to an initial gathering in the Church on Tuesday 23 July at 7pm. Just bring your instruments and your enthusiasm, and we’ll see what we can do in looking at some new, contemporary music that we can use at Mass on a Sunday. If you have a voice, then come along, too. Be good to have some strong leads to help with the singing.


TAIZE MUSIC AND PRAYER: We’ll pick up from where we left off after Easter and hopefully start up a regular opportunity for reflection using the music and prayer of Taize. We’ll meet in the Church for an hour, entering into stillness and silence as we ponder the Word of God in prayer and song on Friday 6 September at 7pm. Do come along if you can, and do pass the word around. If this is something you would like to see as a regular feature of our parish prayer life, then do please come along as you can. Put the date in your diary.


ROTAS FOR JULY AND AUGUST are available from the narthex. You’ll also find the rotas online, featured on the home page.


NEXT SUNDAY: The retiring collection is taken for the Apostleship of the Sea. This is probably a most pertinent collection considering that we are in such a big port city. The AoS supports those who work on the sea and provides a chaplaincy base for those miles away from home. Your gift is a gift to the Church reaching out to those working to bring so much of our own supplies across the waters.


POPE FRANCIS’ NEW ENCYCLICAL: You can have a read of Lumen Fidei by logging onto the Vatican website:

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