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Fundraising Lunch

Fundraising Lunch


Sunday 7 July 1.30pm

One of the first fundraising events for our parish’s maintenance project will be hosted by the Italian Consular Agency. A delicious meal for a Sunday lunchtime on 7 JULY at 1.30pm. Admission is by pre-paid ticket at a cost of £10 per head. If you would like to come along (50 seats available), then please see FrC or Maria Amesbury. As the invitation is also being given to the Italian community in Bristol, it will be a case of first come, first served. The money raised from this lunchtime social will kick start out building project fund and all the profits will go to St Bernadette’s. Do come along if you can. There is a list on the narthex notice board for those of you who would like to reserve a ticket or two, and you can collect them before the Sunday lunch itself.

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