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Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

9 June 2013 – Tenth Sunday in ordinary Time

THIS SUNDAY: These Sundays of Ordinary Time will not appear every year, since the great solemnities of Pentecost, Trinity and Corpus Christi will displace them. So it can be a bit of an abrupt jump back into the pattern of readings for this season – not readings chosen to celebrate a particular feast or mystery, but the Sunday by Sunday continuous reading of the Gospel and Apostolic Letters. So this Sunday we drop back into Saint Luke’s Gospel with the dramatic story of the raising of the widow’s son in the town of Nain. A ‘theme’ that can unite the scriptures today is found in the psalm: “For me you have changed my mourning into dancing.” Our faith is that the death and resurrection of Jesus has changed death forever – just as both Jesus and Elijah changed it in the stories read today. Christians will mourn the death of loved ones, just as Jesus himself wept over his friend Lazarus: but Christian mourning, while acknowledging grief, will also contain – in Jesus – the hope of dancing, the hope of life, the hope of resurrection, as revealed in the stories we hear today.


PRIESTS RETIREMENT FUND: Thank you for your tremendous generosity shown through giving last weekend to the PRF. You raised £624.28 which will be sent off to the diocese as our gift to their support.


FIRST COMMUNION: We keep the children preparing for FHC very much in our prayers during the time leading up to First Communion that they may know Christ’s love and his goodness at all times. Sinead Monks,  Joshua Hazelwood-Richings, Fiona Harris, Antoni Ciszyk, Kian O’Regan, Alan Mielczarek, Jessica Kirwan, Oliver Hynes, William Hynes, Danny Ryan, Lottie Bowen, Ross Ambrose, Kuba Komada,  Liam Ambrose, Alisha Chinnock, Frank Wise,  Finnian Jones,  Jake Collins, Carmelo Merlino, Isabelle Tapscott, Ellen Lowson, India McMahon, Eleanor Critten, Kacper Bureta, Helena Costa, and Eva Borrallo~Barragan. The children conclude their preparation for First Communion on Saturday 15 June at 8.45am.


DIOCESAN FAMILY DAY: Taking place at St Brendan’s, Brislington, on Saturday 6 July, this gathering of our diocesan family is set to be another fantastic occasion. Put the date in your diary and set it aside to come along. There’s something for all the family… for the young and the young at heart. The format of the day can be found in the narthex, as is the poster. David Wells is giving the keynote for the adults and there is plenty for everyone.  All that is needed is that you get in touch with the Adult Education office, just to let them know which of the workshops you want to take part in. There is no charge; just bring a packed lunch with you. The Bishop joins us for the day and will celebrate Mass at 4.00pm.


GLASTONBURY PILGRIMAGE: The bishop is inviting our diocesan community to join him at this annual procession and pilgrimage on Sunday 14 July. In this Year of Faith, we reflect upon Mary as model of discipleship. The Rosary procession around the Abbey ruins and the town begins at 2.15pm and Mass celebrated at 3.30pm. It is always a rich and reflective gathering each year. Do go along and take part if you can. There’s plenty of details on


CAFOD CYCLE CREAM TEA – Wednesday 19 June. Delicious cream tea and cakes in the parish hall on Wednesday 19 June starting at 3pm in aid of CAFOD. Fred Uttley from Salford diocese is cycling around all 22 dioceses of England and Wales and will be passing St. Bernadette’s Church on the afternoon of 19 June. Fred is a 67 year old schools’ volunteer and will be cycling 1000 miles between Catholic cathedrals to raise money for CAFOD. Come and cheer Fred on his way, or ride with him down to Frome and beyond. Details are on the notice board in the Narthex.


PARISH FUNDRAISING SOCIAL: One of the first fundraising events for our parish’s maintenance project will be hosted by the Italian Consular Agency. A delicious meal for a Sunday lunchtime on 7 JULY at 1.30pm. Admission is by pre-paid ticket at a cost of £10 per head. If you would like to come along (50 seats available), then please see FrC or Maria Amesbury. As the invitation is also being given to the Italian community in Bristol, it will be a case of first come, first served. The money raised from this lunchtime social will kick start out building project fund and all the profits will go to St Bernadette’s. Do come along if you can. There is a list on the narthex notice board for those of you who would like to reserve a ticket or two, and you can collect them before the Sunday lunch itself.


EXPLORING THE COUNCIL: Our own little series exploring the documents of the Second Vatican Council in this fiftieth anniversary years continues on Wednesday 12 June at 7.30pm in the Parish Hall. Do come along if you can as we explore the Document of the Liturgy, Sacrosanctum Concilium.


THIS IS OUR FAITH – EXPLORING THE CREED: As part of our journey through this Year of Faith, we continue our exploration of the Creed as we reflect upon I believe in one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church. Do come along if you can on Tuesday 18 June in the Hall at 7.30pm.


CELEBRATING OUR CATHEDRAL: Our Cathedral celebrates its fortieth anniversary at the end of this month and the Bishop is inviting our diocesan community to join him at Mass on Saturday 29 June at 11.00am. If you can go along and represent St Bernadette’s, please do.


ANNUAL APF MISSION MASS: Sunday 16th June at St. Augustine of Canterbury, Boscombe Crescent, Downend BS16 6QR. Starting with Presentation, Exposition and Confession at 2pm – Mass at 3pm followed by refreshments and an update on how your Red Box donations support the church overseas.  All are welcome.


CATHEDRAL ANNIVERSARY MUSIC FESTIVAL: Taking place from 22 – 30 June, this fantastic music festival is one of the ways our cathedral is celebrating its fortieth anniversary. Details can be found on as well as how to book tickets. Some of the events are free… and it is a most worthwhile programme.

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