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Fifth Sunday of Lent

Fifth Sunday of Lent

17 March 2013 – Fifth Sunday of Lent

THIS SUNDAY: There is a logical development in the readings this Sunday: in the Old Testa­ment, God asks us to look forward to the “new deed he will do”, when he will put “water in the wilderness”; we then see the new deed, which Paul talks about, to be the “supreme advantage of knowing Christ Je­sus”, and sharing the “power of his resur­rection”; so who is this Jesus, and how is he “water in the wilderness”? It is because he brings hope for the future and forgiveness of our sins, as the Gospel story relates. This Sunday’s readings are there for our encouragement, to help us look forward to Easter, and the meaning of Jesus’ Pas­sion, Death and Resurrection: that meaning is Reconciliation and a new creation (as we heard last week). We are driven on through Lent by a vision of the marvels that God has worked, and that God will work for us.


MASS IN ITALIAN: The formal celebration of the inauguration of the Italian Consular Agency takes place in our Parish Hall this Sunday evening (17th). Mass will be celebrated in Italian at 6pm with a small reception in the hall afterwards. Do come along if you can.

STATIONS OF THE CROSS: This Sunday, we walk the Stations of the Cross for the last time this Lent. Do come and join us at 4.00pm in the Church. Next Sunday (Palm Sunday) we celebrate the Evening Prayer of the Church at 4pm.


EASTER FLOWERS: The retiring collection for the flowers for this coming Easter Season will be taken this Sunday (17th). Please give as generously as you can.


FIRST COMMUNION: Session 5 for the children takes place in the hall Saturday (23 March) from 8.45am. The children join us for this Sunday’s 10.30am mass where they come to receive the gift of the Scriptures.


SCHOOLS OF PRAYER: The final session in this series for Lent takes place this week coming to the school of Pope Benedict. If you want a final opportunity to deepen your prayer during this Lenten Season, then the Sisters at Brownshill, near Stroud, are hosting us across the Wednesdays of Lent delving into some of the great examples and teachers of prayer. This evening is open to everyone and the details are on the notice board. The Sisters are most welcoming so do go along if you can. Look at the nuns’ website for clear directions. Evenings begin with refreshments at 7.00pm and the reflection at 7.30pm. Fr Michael McAndrew leads this coming week’s session.


DIOCESAN PILGRIMAGE TO THE HOLY LAND – NOVEMBER: There are few places left and 80 people have signed up so far. If you want to join Bishop Declan at the end of this Year of Faith, then have a word with FrC or contact his diocesan office this week on  0117 902 5595.


THIS IS OUR FAITH: We continue our journey through the Creed this coming Tuesday, 19 March – again at 7.30pm – looking at the ascension and the Christ who sits at God’s right hand.


HOLY WEEK READERS: Fr Christopher is inviting all those reading during Holy Week to join him from 7pm until 8pm on Friday 22 March in the Church. Have a look at the list on the notice board.


TAIZE PRAYER IN HOLY WEEK: In preparation for the three Great Days of Holy Week, there will be chance to gather in simple prayer and attentiveness to the scriptures around the music and chant of Taize. Wednesday 27 March at 7pm.


HOLY WEEK TIMETABLES: We have a very rich and prayerful journey through Holy Week this year. Do, please, make sure you pick up a copy of the ‘programme’ to take away and start planning your diary. Do take part in as much of Holy Week as you can. There’s plenty for you to make use of so that Holy Week is a time of prayer for you, recalling God’s love for you.


MISSIO APF: A final figure for 2012 has been sent in to reflect our parish’s contribution to the work of the missions. £2050 was collected over 2012 – a tremendous gift – this includes red boxes, annual members, and standing orders.  Many thanks to all who support the work of the APF.


OFFERTORY ENVELOPES: As we come close to the end of the financial year, those of you who use offertory envelopes will have noticed that you are on your final few. New sets are available; please make sure you collect yours. If you are not on the Gift Aid scheme and are a UK tax payer, please have a word with Dave Lavelle before you leave Mass this weekend. It costs you nothing other than a signature but it means so much to our parish.


PALM SUNDAY: Next Sunday we begin our annual pilgrimage through Holy Week beginning with that recollection of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. Both Masses will begin with procession and blessing of palms. The Saturday Mass will begin in the narthex; the Sunday Mass (weather permitting) will begin on the grass by the grotto.


LENTEN SOUP: Our second soup lunch will take place next Sunday lunchtime – Sunday 24 March at 12noon. All are most welcome.


PARISH MEETING: In the light of the recent buildings and utilities survey, FrC would like to hold an evening to which all our parish community are invited. We can explore the findings of the reports as well as have a glance at our financial situation, too. We’ll meet on Tuesday 30 April at 7pm in our hall. Please do come along.

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