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Walking again with God in the garden

Walking again with God in the garden

St Ambrose writes:

‘When we take up the sacred Scriptures in faith and read them with the Church, we walk once more with God in the garden.’

‘When we take up the sacred Scripture in faith‘ we are putting our trust in God.  We are saying, ‘I don’t pretend to know everything that’s in here, let alone understand it.  In humility, I am wanting to come to know God more fully.  I am wanting my relationship with God to become deeper, to become more intimate.  I am wanting to listen to what God says to me today.’

‘When we… read them with the Church‘ we are not alone, even if there is no one else in sight.  Even if we are alone at home and we read Scripture which is intended for Mass that day, or for part of the Divine Office, we are not reading alone, but with the Church Universal.

‘…we walk once more with God in the garden.‘  When Adam and Eve walked with God in the garden, they were in intimately familiar with him.  He was no stranger god to be feared; he was not a forgotten deity to be remembered only on special occasions.  He was their creator and their sustainer.  He was their companion and guide. Their wills were united with his and all of creation was in harmony with its creator. Through our prayerful, faithful and humble reading of sacred Scripture, we will grow in familiarity with God: He wills it.  By listening to God speak to us through Scripture, we will learn to unite our wills with his and live our lives in harmony with the will of the one who made us and upon whom we depend.

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