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An audience with the King

An audience with the King

Not many of us could claim to have seen a monarch in the flesh.  Even if one is invited to a garden party at BuckinghamPalace, there are around 8000 others there too and the chance of speaking with the Queen is very slight.  Each week, the Papal audience attracts thousands and although one can expect to catch a glimpse of our Pontiff as he travels through St Peter’s Square in his Popemobile, the weekly Papal audience is not an intimate affair.

Consider, however, an audience with the King of creation, your Saviour and Redeemer.  Extrapolating what I have said about the Queen and the Pope, one might think that an appointment would need to be in Jesus’ diary several years in advance, but no.  An audience with Christ the King can be sought – and gained – at any time of the day or night.  We have his full attention and love far beyond our feeble imaginings.  In Jesus Christ, we have a King who longs for our presence.  Let us pray that we will always be loyal subjects who are attentive to His will.



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