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Thirty third Sunday of the Year

Thirty third Sunday of the Year

18 November 2012 – Thirty-third Sunday of the Year (B)

THIS SUNDAY: As always at this time of year, we begin to contemplate the end of the world – a theme that carries us over next Sunday’s feast (Christ the King) and so into Advent. Such a contemplation is not gloomy or morbid: throughout the ages (and especially in the early days) Christians have been utterly posi­tive about the coming end of all things, because we know what will happen, and in fact we earnestly desire it to come: the phrase that gives this away is in the Gospel: “Then… he will send his angels to gather his chosen from the four winds.” This gathering of God’s children to­gether will be a truly wonderful event, when we will all be completely enfolded in that love of God that we talk so much about.

WELCOME: A very warm welcome to Fr Matt Anscombe who will be celebrating both Masses this weekend whilst FrC looks after the diaconal students on their residential weekend of formation. Fr Matt is the Chaplain at Bristol University and also the diocesan director of Vocations. Do make him welcome

VESPERS FOR CHRIST THE KING: At the end of the Church’s year we celebrate sung Evening Prayer – next Sunday – Sunday 25 November at 4.00pm. Do come along if you can next Sunday afternoon.

THIS IS OUR FAITH: Our little series for the Year of Faith continues to journey through the Apostles’ Creed to help us understand what it is that we live and we seek to hand on to others. The next session takes place here in our parish hall on Tuesday 20 November – I believe in Jesus Christ, the only Son of God. Do come along if you can. Fr Christopher will be leading this evening for us… and if you bring your copy of the Catechism (if you have one) or can read up beforehand… all the better. Refreshments from 7.00pm and we begin at 7.30pm. If you cannot come along to these evening sessions, do still try to make something of the Year of Faith. Keep an eye open for what may suit you.

CONFIRMATION PREPARATION: The next session for our young people journey towards Confirmation is Wednesday 5 December, 5.30pm in the Hall. The group will begin with a little time of prayer in the church before heading into the hall for their prep session.

EXPLORING THE DOCUMENTS OF VATICAN II: Professor Gavin D’Costa will be leading five sessions at the Cathedral exploring what happened at Vatican II and four key documents produced by the Council.  Beginning this Thursday evening 22 November, and then on 17 Jan, 14 Mar, 16 May, 11 Jul at 7.30pm in the Apostle Room at the Cathedral. We will follow that up in our parish with a Café-style reflection both upon the documents and Gavin’s input. If you want to take part in those then come along on our Wednesday evenings (7.30pm) – and they are open to all: beginning on 12 December, and then 20 Feb, 24 April, 12 June, 24 July. If you want to read the documents then download them from the Vatican website –

MASS IN THE HALL: We will continue to celebrate Mass (Monday-Friday) in the hall. It is much easier and more efficient to heat. Please use the hall entrance. Saturday Mass will be celebrated in the Church.

PARISH FUNDRAISING: Keep those draw tickets stubs coming in… its good to see the envelopes in the narthex going down gradually. Our parish Grand Draw at the start of the New Year takes place on 5 January 2013.

FIRST COMMUNION: It was good to see parents of twenty three youngsters who want to begin their preparation for First Communion. The prep begins with the Mass of Presentation on Sunday 9 December at the 10.30am Mass. The children will be presented to our parish community and they will be presented with the preparation books. There is still time to enrol your children on this coming year’s course if you have yet to do so… as long as it is before the end of this month.

DIOCESAN PILGRIMAGE TO THE HOLY LAND: As part of our diocesan celebration of the Year of Faith, Bishop Declan is leading a pilgrimage to the Holy Land from October 30 – 7 November 2013. Forty people have signed up already and there are places remaining. If you would like the details then have a look at our diocesan website and search in the ‘Year of Faith’ section for booking form and details are there.

RETIRED PRIESTS: Some of the retired priests of the diocese will be joining the Bishop here at St B’s for their annual lunch preceded by Mass in our church at 11.30am. Do come and make them welcome on Monday 26 November.

PARISH FORUM GROUP meets this coming Wednesday, 21 November, at 7.45pm in the presbytery.

VOCATIONS PROMOTION MATERIAL: Do please make sure you pick up one of the brochures from the narthex.

YOUTH SUNDAY: The feast of Christ the King is designated as a day of prayer for our young people. There is a retiring collection at all Masses next weekend for the work of our diocesan youth ministry. Please do support all that is happening for our young people in our diocese as best you can.

THE SEASON OF ADVENT: In two weeks time we begin our prayerful preparation for Christmas. Now’s the time to pick up your Advent calendars and candles whilst they are in the repository. There will be Vespers and Benediction each Advent Sunday (2, 9, 16 Dec) and our Family Crib service is taking place on Sunday 23 December at 3.30pm. Do make a note of the dates in your diary.

200 CLUB: Renewals will start going out from this week. Do please consider renewing your membership – £12.

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