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Twenty Ninth Sunday of the Year

Twenty Ninth Sunday of the Year

21 October 2012 ~ Twenty ninth Sunday of the Year


THIS SUNDAY: It’s often the case that the “values of the Gospel” contradict the “values of the World” – sometimes to the extent that the one is the exact opposite of the other. Today is a typical example: greatness and prominence, success and victory, these are goals that the world has very clear ideas about. The Gospel, however, redefines them: Gospel success is Worldly failure: the Gospel’s way of greatness is the World’s life of service; and what the World sees as death and failure is in fact life and victory. It’s this contrast that we see in the Gospel reading today, where out of a possibly innocent (but possibly sycophantic) question, a debate emerges about prominence and greatness. Jesus makes it clear that his greatness is different to that sought “among the pagans” ‑ he will give his very life, and so become the first of all. We should take his words about the “worldly way of behaving” to heart: “This is not to happen among you.”

THIS IS OUR FAITH: Our little series for the Year of Faith got off to a great start and each month, now, we will continue to journey through the Apostles’ Creed to help us understand what it is that we live and we seek to hand on to others. The next session takes place here in our parish hall on 23 October – I believe in God, the Father almighty – creator. Do come along if you can. Fr Paul Brandon will be leading this evening for us. Refreshments from 7.00pm and we begin at 7.30pm. If you cannot come along to these evening sessions, do still try to make something of the Year of Faith. Keep an eye open for what may suit you.
OCTOBER DEVOTIONS:  As began this month of the Holy Rosary seeking Our Lady’s prayers, so at the end of this month we come together in prayer and contemplation, joining our prayers to hers. Sunday 28 October 4.00pm. All are welcome – rosary and Benediction.

CONFIRMATION PREPARATION: The next session for our young people journey towards Confirmation is Wednesday 14 November, 5.30pm in the Hall.

EXPLORING THE DOCUMENTS OF VATICAN II: Professor Gavin D’Costa will be leading five sessions at the Cathedral exploring what happened at Vatican II and four key documents produced by the Council.  Thursday evenings – 22 Nov, 17 Jan, 14 Mar, 16 May, 11 Jul at 7.30pm in the Apostle Room at the Cathedral. We will follow that up in our parish with a Café-style reflection both upon the documents and Gavin’s input. If you want to take part in those then come along on Wednesday evenings (7.30pm) – and they are open to all: 12 Dec, 20 Feb, 24 April, 12 June, 24 July. Great opportunities to journey through the Year of Faith.

MASS IN THE HALL: We will continue to celebrate Mass each weekday (Monday-Friday) in the hall. It is much easier and more efficient to heat. Please use the hall entrance. Saturday Mass will be celebrated in the Church.

PARISH FUNDRAISING: As you know from previous weeks’ newsletters, we are holding our parish Grand Draw at the start of the New Year – 5 January 2013. This will be our major fundraising event for the year. It may seem some time away yet, but do, please, take away with you as many books as you can to buy them/sell them over the autumn. Please do your best to make it fruitful. Money and stubs returned to the presbytery, please, in clearly marked envelope. There are some fantastic cash prizes as well as other prizes, too. The more we sell the more income we receive. Each envelope contains £5 worth of tickets. Please do what you can!

VOLUNTEERS: FrC needs willing hands to help look after the Traidcraft stall and Repository. It would be good if we could have the shop open each weekend and if there were a willing group of helpers to give Ann, Gordon and Siobhan a hand, it would share the load. There is a list in the narthex, so just sign up and he’ll be in touch.

FIRST COMMUNION: It’s that time of year (already) when our parish begins to think about the start of preparation for First Communion. There will be a meeting for parents on Thursday 15 November at 7pm in the Church. Children in Year 3 (and above) at primary school are due to start their preparation. If you would like you son/daughter to take part in the programme for 2013, please make sure you have that date clearly set aside.

THIS  SUNDAY we welcome the new intake at our Primary School. As they come towards the end of their first term we celebrate a parish welcome to them. 10.30am Mass.

CONGRATULATIONS AND WELCOME to Tessa Sibi who was baptised here last weekend.

NOVEMBER MASSES: The list of Masses for the month of November (Holy Souls) will be on the notice board from next weekend allowing you to allocate a particular Mass intention.

PRIESTS’ JUBILEE MASS: Those who are celebrating great anniversaries this year celebrate Mass with the Bishop at the Cathedral this coming Thursday and are joined by our priests. If you would like to go along Mass is at 11.00 and would be most welcome – Fr Rodgers (60), Monsignor Twomey (50), Fr Richard McKay (40). They would be glad to see you.

FEAST OF ALL SAINTS: Thursday, 1 November is a holyday of obligation and so there will be two Masses – 10am & 7pm.  Friday, 2 November is the commemoration of All Souls and there will be two Masses that day – 9.30am and 7pm.

MISSION SUNDAY: This Sunday is a day when Catholics all over the world join together to pray, celebrate and care for the whole family of the Church. A large and important part of our Church (40%) is still regarded as ‘missionary’ and needs our help to survive and grow to self-sufficiency. Even more challenging is the fact that more than 50% of the world’s population has never heard of Jesus and doesn’t know that they are loved unconditionally by God. World Mission Sunday is important. Our prayers and our donations mean that we share in the mission of Jesus by supporting the thousands of Missionaries who put their lives at the service of God’s people. Retiring collection after both Masses this weekend to the work of Mission (APF).

CARDINAL DANNEELS’ VISIT TO THE DIOCESE: The wonderful gallery of photographs detailing the Cardinal’s visit this last week can be found at

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