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Twenty Seventh Sunday of the Year

Twenty Seventh Sunday of the Year

7 October 2012 – Twenty Seventh Sunday of the Year


THIS SUNDAY: Our bishop sends us a Pastoral Letter this weekend to welcome in the Year of Faith which begins on Thursday. This Year of Faith – celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council and the publication of the Catechism – offers us the chance to deepen our faith, to deepen our relationship with the Lord, and to explore how we live the faith we profess in our daily lives. The Holy Father invites us to keep our gaze upon Christ, and this Year gives us opportunity to focus our gaze upon him through prayer and through reflection.  We could so easily allow this Year to pass us by but the Council invited us to be light for the world and salt for the earth, simply by striving to be like Christ in all that we do as a community rooted in a faith handed on from the apostles. So that we might radiate him more brightly, we need to fix out gaze upon him so that we come to understand him a little more. Use the many opportunities around us to take up the invitation to journey through the Year of Faith. Use the opportunities we, as a parish, are hosting, to seek to understand your own faith… maybe something that hasn’t happened for some time. Let this Year of Faith be a year that enthuses us and gives us confidence to be Christ for our world through the way we live and the way we love.

CAFOD HARVEST FAST COLLECTION takes place after both masses this weekend. At the time when we celebrate the fruits of the harvest we reach out in love and solidarity to those who hunger and thirst in our world and those who face another failed harvest. Do give as generously as you can to this CAFOD collection. Please pop the envelopes from last week into the retiring collection basket.
OCTOBER DEVOTIONS: Sunday 7 October at 4.00pm (next Sunday). We’ll start this month of the Rosary off with our prayer.

CONFIRMATION PREPARATION: The next session for our young people journey towards Confirmation is Wednesday 10 October, 5.30pm in the Hall.

OPENING THE YEAR OF FAITH – VESPERS: Evening Prayer at the Cathedral with our bishop on Sunday 14 October at 4.00pm.

DIOCESAN PASTORAL COUNCIL: The DPC is a gathering of representatives of all the deanery pastoral councils from across the diocese. Each October, the Bishop opens up the invitation for the people of our diocese to come together. On October 13 (next Saturday) at St Bede’s, Lawrence Weston, the invitation is given to all parish councils and those interested in reflecting upon the Vatican Council and its invitation to be the Church in the modern world. Prof Gavin D’Costa will be speaking and opening up the documents for us. 9.30am start. Do think about going along and representing our own parish community.

OPENING THE WINDOWS: On Wednesday 17 October at 7.30pm in the Cathedral, Cardinal Godfried Danneels will give the final lecture in the series… and this should be well worth going along to. FrC will sort out transport from St Bernadette’s to the Cathedral on 17th to maximise on the opportunity. If you would like to make use of a lift, pop your name on the notice board. Put the date in your diary.

THIS IS OUR FAITH: Our little series for the Year of Faith got off to a great start this last Tuesday. The next session takes place on 23 October – I believe in God, the Father almighty – creator. Do come along if you can.

EXPLORING THE DOCUMENTS OF VATICAN II: Professor Gavin D’Costa will be leading five sessions at the Cathedral exploring what happened at Vatican II and four key documents produced by the Council.  Thursday evenings – 22 Nov, 17 Jan, 14 Mar, 16 May, 11 Jul at 7.30pm in the Apostle Room at the Cathedral. We will follow that up in our parish with a Café-style reflection both upon the documents and Gavin’s input. If you want to take part in those then come along on Wednesday evenings (7.30pm) – and they are open to all: 12 Dec, 20 Feb, 24 April, 12 June, 24 July. Great opportunities to journey through the Year of Faith.

MASS IN THE HALL: Now that the autumn seems to be upon as and the time for the heating to be on seems to be here, we will celebrate Mass each weekday in the hall where it is easier and more efficient to heat. Please use the hall entrance.

PARISH FUNDRAISING: Draw Tickets for our Grand Draw are in the narthex. The Draw – taking place on 5 January 2013 – may seem some time away yet, but do, please, take away with you as many books as you can to buy them/sell them over the autumn. This is our only major fundraising event of 2012 as there will be no bazaar. Please do your best to make it fruitful. Money and stubs returned to the presbytery, please, in clearly marked envelope.

VOLUNTEERS: FrC needs willing hands to help look after the Traidcraft stall and Repository. It would be good if we could have the shop open each weekend and if there were a willing group of helpers to give Ann, Gordon and Siobhan a hand, it would share the load. There is a list in the narthex, so just sign up and he’ll be in touch.

BUILDINGS SURVEY: The Surveyors will be back with us on Monday to explore the services we need by way of utilities and pondering on where things come into the building and where they go from the building. They will also explore what we might need by way of provision of services for our building. The full report should be out in a week or so. Watch this space.

FR HARDING: News is that Fr Harding has come through a very long but successful operation at Frenchay on Thursday and is slowly coming round day by day. We keep him very much in our prayers at this time.

NEW ROTAS from November onwards are available from the narthex to pick up if you need one. The rotas are also available online.

FIRST COMMUNION: It’s that time of year (already) when our parish begins to think about the start of preparation for First Communion. There will be a meeting for parents on at 7pm in the Church.

200 CLUB NEWS: Congratulations to Maureen White who picks up the September £25 winner’s cheque.

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