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Situation Vacant- apply within

Situation Vacant- apply within

Situation vacant in ‘Grandma’s ‘Shop!


Helper needed Saturday nights/ Sunday mornings in Grandma’s shop/

Repository is a very hard word to say when you’re only four and so it was ‘Grandma’s Shop’.

The highlight of going to church with my Grandma was after mass a chance to help in the shop.

I loved sorting through the Aladdin’s cave of stock, for just the right card or statue. I loved Counting up the piles of coins. Then there is sticking the price labels on cards and rosaries, chatting to all the nice ladies……………but she rarely spoke back.

When I was asked to write a few words about the repository I was asked how I came to do the job……………I laughed because I said I had ‘inherited’ it!

I remember our previous parish priest, Father Harding, saying ‘you’ve been helping your mum, you know what to do, keep the keys and we will see how it goes’.

‘Just make sure you always have Mass cards and enough money to pay the bills’.

The repository is of course the parish shop to provide anything you need to help with your prayer life. You will also see I stock Missals, Bibles, Rosaries, Prayer books, statues. Also, there are cards and presents for special occasions e.g. Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, Birthdays, Easter and of course Christmas.

People are often surprised when they ask for a saint’s statue or prayer card or medal and after a quick search in the back of the shop; I can produce just the thing or something suitable. Even Father Christopher was surprised when I produced Holly Water bottles!

People also comment how cheap the prices are. I always say very low overheads, no electric bills and …………… wages!

Of course all the profits go to the parish funds.

The highlight of working in the ‘shop’ for me is First Communion day, and the chance to see all the pretty dresses. Then again there is the opportunity for me to attend the suppliers trade show held in the Apostles room at Clifton Cathedral, there, there is a chance to see all the Christmas cribs and eat endless bowls of sweets!

When at work people are surprised when I ask for time off in July to buy Christmas cards! If you would like to join me and help in the shop, especially Saturday evenings, well, you don’t have to be a Grandma!




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